Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dad, don't read the first paragraph.

We haven't cleaned out apartment in two weeks. Hahaha I mean, we tidy up and stuff, but the sink was full of dishes, and the garbage can was full, so was the recycling bin. And when I was washing the dishes, I thought of dad. Cleaning just reminds me of dad, all the time. So dad, forget you ever read this paragraph. It won't happen again.

Now. On to real matters. It's transfer call day, and we still have not heard anything. We usually get calls between 7-9, and it's ELEVEN O'CLOCK. Soooo... I don't know if they forgot about us, or... what. My comp said if it's after 10, it's President who will call, and if it's President, that means somebody is STL or opening an area. I'M PRAYING IT'S FOR MY COMPANION. I'm not ready for leadership or opening an area... Anyway, I'm literally feeling sick to my stomach. Like, the most nauseous I've been in awhile (and the nausea is keeping up). The wait is killing me. I'm nearly certain one of us is leaving, and I really just want to know WHO. They made changes to the districts and zones, so the district where I currently am will be two sets of sisters and one of elders (and to be honest... I don't like serving with a lot of sisters.) The Zone is smaller now, too. it's only Eagle Mountain and Saratoga. They're making so many changes, I have no idea what to expect. I just want to KNOW already! Oh gosh, I feel like I'm going to throw up.

Dad, that video of Kaleb... WHAT THE HAY? His voice is so deep! He sounds like Luke!! And he looks like he's slimming down :) We went to see one of the LA families we've been working with (who we hadn't seen for about a month), and in the middle of visiting, she looks at me and said "Hermana, bajaste pesos?" So I was just like "Um... I don't know... but thank you!" Hahah Maybe it's this sickness I have (that apparently isn't really anything... I spoke to the mission nurse and she basically just told me to eat my vegetables and take an iron pill) is making me lose weight? Is it bad that I hope the sickness hangs around so it can keep working it's magic on this ol' cuerpo of mine? ;) Hahahahah

So that kid that's serving in Kansas and leaves this week? Jonathan? I love his family so much. Enserio. We went over there last night to say bye to him before he reports on Wednesday. We got pictures, buuuut I forgot my camera at home, so next week you'll have TWICE as many pictures as this week! xD Fun, right? :) But when we were there, another family was there, and the girl (13 years old, maybe?) started singing that cup song from Pitch Perfect. So I ran in with a cup, sat down by her brother, and while she was singing, I started doing the cup game. Her little brother FREAKED OUT, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a cup and he was like "LET'S DO THIS!" Hahahaha It was the funniest things in the world. I love it. I have a video of it, so one day you'll see. Even though my face looks weird through the whole video... Anyway, it was a blast.

Hey mom! Guess who plays the piano for RS, and potentially sacrament in the branch? SHO MIMO. SOMEBODY told the RS president I play (I was about to volunteer when she asked me... haha) so I'm playing now (if I'm staying...)

Dad... A man from Argentina gave a talk yesterday, and the WHOLE time he was speaking, I was studying his accent. I want to speak like an Argentina. So from my studies, you obviously speak with "y" and "ll" as SH. And "j" and "g" (<--when it's soft) are a hard H sound, kind of like a cat's hiss? And when an S is at the end (and sometimes the middle) of the word, drop it (within reason, obviously). Like, "el epiritu santo"? That's what I gathered. And when Luke comes home, we should pick him up! I need to go to Argentina, so I can learn how to speak Vos. Unless I serve with a Dominicana or Argentina! I've got my hopes that one day I can serve with an Argentina... That would make my life. I think there's one sister from Argentina, actually. HOPEFUL :)

I can't think of anything else... if I get transferred, you'll have to look on my FB to see when I change me location, because it's 11:30 and they still haven't called, so...

I LOVE YOU ALL! A whole lot. Like, for real.

PS: Transfer calls! I'm staying in the area, my companion is going to Orem and is going to be STL. BUT MY NEW COMPANION... Her name is Hermana Córdova! Bahahaha! So close to Luke's mission! Hahaha I love it! She's from California aaaand that's all I know.

So... that is all.

I love you, goodbye :)

Hermana Willis

I've only got one picture from my iPad, so here it is. And wouldn't you know it, it's me con la bandera de Argentina! Enjoy!

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