Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hasta veeeerr!!

Email: 9/16/2013

Ok. SO yesterday was crazy psycho. We started off missing our ward meeting because the Elders told us we didn't need to come, then when we got there... EVERYBODY from two stakes was there. Actually, I think it was the three stake presidents. So, I was like "OH MY GOSH I'M SO EXCITED BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON." Hna. Hernandez and I were supposed to speak, but we didn't. YOU KNOW WHY?!? Well, let me tell you. So. Church begins... ward business: half the ward is released from their callings. Stake business... LET'S GO: So. THE WARD WAS DIVIDED. So we're going to have a branch in City Center (my area), and soon (December/January) we'll have our own building (well, not to ourselves, but we won't have to share with 3 other wards). The Branch President was EXACTLY who I thought it would be, and I am seriously SO STOKED. I can't get over it. But all during sacrament meeting, I was crying like a freaking baby. I even had a handkerchief. I was wiping away most of my makeup, and my little nosey was crying too. Sorry, I don't know why I felt like adding that. Gross. But everybody was crying and I was crying, and oh my lanta we don't have church until THREE IN THE AFTERNOON... 3pm. That means we won't get out of church until 6pm. Aw heck. My lanta...

But yes, then after church we went to the Romero's for dinner. Jonathan Romero was OPENING HIS MISSION CALL after we ate, so we were all freaking out. Then, I looked at my watch and said "OH MY GOSH, MY BROTHER PROBABLY ALREADY OPENED HIS CALL!!!" So Cathy (cutest girl ever, I freaking love her to pieces) is like "CAN I CALL YOUR FAMILY PLEASE?" I thought it was totally and completely against the rules, so I was like "Heck no, you crazy!" But Elder Hernandez (former AP) said it was ok, so after a lot of prodding, they got me to give Cathy dad's number. So she called and told him to say hello (not ok. But she didn't know...) and dad told her where Luke is going and when. When they told me, I basically covered my face and started crying. Holy crap. ARGENTINA. So, that's crazy... I can't believe it. Are the Krasno's going to pick him up at the airport? Is he going to the Argentina MTC? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! I can't wait to hear him speak Castellano. One of my favorite families (the Trafferi's) are from Cordoba. Hna. Trafferi still has family there, so when we go to their house I'll ask her about them :) :) :) :) LUKE IS GOING TO BE THE CUTEST MISSIONARY EVER.

Oh yeah, and Jonathan ^ is going to the Kansas, Wichata mission, Spanish speaking. So stoked! He's going to be the coolest little missionary ever. He leaves Oct. 30th. SO EXCITING.

Oh, we had molé. Aaaaand it's the most delicious thing ever. Chocolate chicken? Yes please! For real, delish delish delish!

This week was... uneventful at best. Just slow. And I've been waking up every morning with splitting headaches, and feeling nauseous (just like before). Mosquitoes are ridiculous here, and my poor legs can't stand anymore scratching. So physically I'm miserable right now. I just don't feel good. And the work is really slow right now (but with the new branch, it should pick up). So I'm just bummed. And pooped. And tired. And irritated. I'm just not doing awesome right now. Yesterday was a great day, and I needed that. But we're back. Hopefully the work can pick up and I won't be distracted by my physical ailments. I'm going to buy garlic pills and take those endlessly so the mosquitoes don't love me so much. But my headaches and nausea... I don't know what to do about that. Pooooop.

I'm trying to think about more to tell you, buuuuut I'm at a loss. So I think I'll fill the void with pictures. I'm sorry in advanced for the annoying 50 separate emails containing only 2 pictures each... So so sorry...

P.s. I'm not getting transferred, but we just lost our car for awhile (because we have a humongous area and went over miles.) Soooo, I have no idea what we're going to do. Just a cherry on top of this phenomenal week, I guess :}

So anyway... pictures.

I love you all so so so much!

P.p.s. I got an email from the Romneys. I love them so much! I was so stoked to get that! They're just the best!


Hermana Willis

Waterballoon volleyball. Zone activity!

Soda rockets. SO COOL. This was the only picture I got that actually had the bottle flying.

Rugby! This was the second before Elder Stevenson ran straight into me. Oops. (But look at Elder Allal's face! Bahaha xD)

Elder Stevenson bought me a jump rope (long story). But he had to make it mission appropriate, obviously.

I love these kids!

Hna. Hernandez, Jonathan, and me. MINUTES BEFORE HE OPENED HIS CALL.

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