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Good mornting!

Email: 9/9/2013

So I forgot my journal today, so you won't have a day-by-day email, so let's just go by my memory (craaaap)! :) Hahah

SO! Next week is going to be CRAAAZY. Next Sunday, I mean. Two reasons I cannot disclose... But one of those I can give a hint. The Stake President is coming to our really big (hint) Sacrament on Sunday and is making a big big announcement. UH, YEAH. I'm freaking excited! (I know what the announcement is, but I can't tell you yet ;)) Also, I'm speaking. I totally went in a different direction than I thought. One of the quotes in the thing you sent me (dad) from Russell M. Nelson caught my eye and has been on my mind since then. So, I'm going to talk about the BoM, it's importance, it's role in conversion, why we should share it, and the story about how President Benson said to RMN that he was worried that the members weren't utilizing the BoM nearly as much as they should, didn't appreciate it, and were under the "condemnation of God" (D&C 84:57). I'm basically going to call them all to repentance and demand that they share the gospel all the time. I thought I'd take the tender approach... Hahahaha

Also, HOW ABOUT I LOVE STAKE COORDINATION MEETINGS. I already explained how we coordinate with wards and stakes, yes? I hope so, because I don't feel like doing it right now. But yes... We missed one of our meetings, but the second meeting (we only cover 2 stakes) WAS AMAZING. There were EIGHT men there. Ward mission leaders, a high counselor, and the 1st counselor of the stake presidency. Normally, they're just like "Sorry Sisters, we don't have any referrals for you" or something like that always followed by "If there's anything you need from us, let us know." But this week? Nope. Totes opposite. "Sisters, I have two referrals for you!" "Sisters, when do you not have dinner? I want to have you over." "Sisters, I live two houses from a family you're trying to teach, let me know if you want me to help." "Sisters, let me get your number so I can call you when I have something for you." The high counselor, at the end of the meeting, said "I was thinking about the structure of a missionary's life. They make and try to meet goals. We want a set of missionaries for our own stake, so what do we have to do? Our one stake has to be producing at least 25 lessons for the Elders (the standard of excellence for the UPM is 30 lessons a week). Let's make a goal to provide the Elders with 25 lessons a week, just from our stake." So, they divided up the amount each ward needs to produce, and then the 1st counselor in the stake presidency turned to us and said "How many lessons do you want from us?" So I stammered a little but, then he asked "What is your goal for lessons in a week?" "Well, the standard of excellence is 30, but we're having trouble meeting our personal goal, which isn't quite over 10." So he said "10? Well, we want to get you up to the standard of excellence, but how about we start with providing you with 12 or 13 lessons a week? That'll be our stake's goal." MY HEART ALMOST EXPLODED. The members here are work SO hard to help us in the work. We're still having a hard time having lessons. We spend most of our days trying to contact less active/part member families. But I have been able to see the work begin to pick up here.

Thursday was ZTM, and after that we did exchanges. Hna. Hernandez went to Saratoga with Hna. Sablan, and Hna. Vandenbark came here with me. So, I was the "big kid" who knew the area. I was ok with that, and I got to practice my Spanish a lot more (I tend to let Hna. Hernandez take the wheel unless she makes me speak... x() The whole day was wonderful. We saw so many miracles that day! I finally started teaching on Facebook (MILAGRO! Most of the time, I just like and share positive uplifting things.) We FINALLY contacted a few families that we've been trying to contact THE ENTIRE TRANSFER, and that was also the day we had the wonderful stake correlation. Also, we had a bomb lesson with a less active that night too.

Oh! We went to a dinner with the Elders at a member's house (one of my favorite families!) and when we started desert (watermelon: and of course, chile. You just can't eat watermelon with Mexicans without chile!) they made me try it. So it was weird... I'll have to get used to it. Then they started talking about spicy... I like spicy, so when the Hno. pointed to the thing of peppers (chile de arbol) on the wall and told me to eat one, at first I didn't want to, but then I did. I was the first to eat it, and either I'm a beast and can handle anything or I got a weak pepper, because other than having a tickle in my throat and burning gums, it wasn't that bad. Then, Elder Hernandez had one. The kid was crying! Then Elder Ramos... I think he almost passed out. Then Hna. Hernandez... she cried for like 10 minutes. So either I'm more Hispanic than all of them, or I got a weak pepper. I like to think I'm more Hispanic than them :)

I've been thinking a lot about school, and other than your lovely angry... I mean smiling faces, I miss school the most. I just LOVE having class to go to, and homework, and tests... I need to remember this feeling when I go home. Hahah But I think about my favorite semester (Spring-2011) I was taking College Algebra and Biology w/ lab. I was working in the morning, and in the afternoons, and sometimes on the weekends or weekday nights I'd work my 2nd job. I would go from work to home for breakfast, I'd go for a run, go to school, go from school back to work, and either come home and do homework or go to my other job. THAT WAS MY FAVORITE SEMESTER. I was reading an old journal entry and I really miss being busy. I know I'll love it when we get busy around here, but we're not and I'm about to go crazy. I love this place, I just wish we had more to do. But yes. One of the things I miss the most is school.

Also, I TERRIBLY miss not being informed about world affairs and politics. Someone was talking about Syria, and I didn't have a clue what was going on. I know I don't really need to concern myself with that right now while I'm in the mission, but I couldn't help but think "If I was more informed on this subject, whose side would I be on?" I see FB posts about it, and I terribly want to know what's going on, but I don't want to waste that time set apart for teaching, to look up world affairs. But I miss that, too. And being alone. I love my companion (a lot), but I terribly miss being alone. I know that'll change in about 17 months though. Hah

Mom, I was literally rolling on the ground groaning "Oh my gooooooshhhhh I'm going to diee!" when I was reading your letter. And Luke?! EMAIL ME, ASAP. Tell me ALL. You can't leave a little "P.s." and NOT EXPLAIN YOURSELF. Now, do so. Explain yourself.

It's President Johnson's birthday tomorrow (landlord), and in the past I found out that he loves pecan pies. So guess what I'm buying at Walmart today! And guess who's getting my pecan pie! :) I'm so excited. I'm so sad that I'm going to miss Thanksgiving this year. Christmas is wonderful, and I love it to death, but our Thanksgiving tradition has a bigger place in my heart!

OH YEAH, so I got the package! I almost died with excitement when Pres. Johnson called and told me it was FINALLY HERE! EVERYTHING I asked for was in there! Except for my socks... I hate myself for being so needy, but I would absolutely adore you forever if someone could send me my Christmas socks (the ones I bought with Jess at Kmart) and the empty capsules.

BUT YEAH, ANYWAY... ENOUGH OF ME BEING A NEEDY BABY... Thank you so much for the box! I cannot wait to read dad's talk and the one Courtney sent me. Yaaay! And I LITERALLY almost cried when in Kaleb's letter he told me they got rid of the X-Box. I seriously almost cried. Like... tears. Real life tears. PROUD SISTER MOMENT! <3 Mom, your letter made me so so so happy. I love how the second I leave, everybody's lives gets all better. Sorry for bringing the wrath of Satan upon the family right before I left... That's awkward, I guess. I walk onto the plane and *whoosh* everybody's happy again. "Wow, I'm so glad she's finally gone!" a sibling says. Is that how it happened?? Hahah He sure didn't want me to go on a mission! So now he left you guys alone and he's trying to distract me with thoughts of school and politics. What a punk! Anyway... LET ME SEND YOU SOME PICTURES :)

P.s. When I fill up this thumb drive, I'm going to send it to you. (Did I already tell you this?) Then, you can see ALL of the pictures, and watch the videos that I cannot send! :)

So yes, I love you a whole whole whole whole bunch! Transfer calls are next Sunday (also a big deal). I'm pretty certain my companion and I are both staying, but I'll let you know what happens. I'll fill you in on all the drama of transfers next week! :)


Hermana Willis :)

P-day in the park :)

Elder Stevenson eating a cookie off of our car. We bought each other Oreos, but he stuck one on our car. So we made him eat it off. Sicko.

I drew the deathly hallows in the carpet during companionship study... I'm dedicated... Hahaha

Chile de arbol :)

Hernandez and I waiting for the rain to let up so we can go eat dinner. IT HAILED! I haven't seen rain like that (even in Florida) in awhile! :)

Hna. Hernadez... Don't ask.

Me and my favorite people in the WORLD :)

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