Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hi, I'm a missionary!

Email: 10/14/2013

Hey mom and dad, remember everything I was telling you about? Forget it. I decided I was over it. And dad, your email? It hit the spot just right! I'm not going to worry about it. I got a blessing on Tuesday, and the Elder who was giving it said some super cool things (and I didn't tell him ANY of my concerns, just asked him for a blessing). One thing that he said that I thought was super cool. He said that I will have the "will power to focus, and you will not miss your family so much." Did you know that even with us on Facebook, being able to see everybody's fun pictures of Jacksonville, the city I love so much, I DON'T MISS IT. Well, I miss it, but it's not a mind-crippling missing it. I think "Aw, I love that place." Not "I wish I was there RIGHT NOW." I'm so excited. President McCune is the best. I just love him. I expressed some of my concerns yesterday in interviews, and poof! They're hardly concerns now! Hahaha But dad, that little addition to your email didn't help... I miss Winn Dixie A LOT! Hahaha Go shopping at WD, and find somebody you remember me working with, tell them Elisabeth misses them, and ask them to spread the message to anybody who knew me. Prease and shank you! :)

Now, back to real life. We had another area seventy come this week. It was the Central Stake's stake conference (the Stake President that we live with). He and his wife were staying with our landlord's, so we got to come help Sister Johnson clean the house (like DEEP CLEAN. It reminded me of you, dad :) We polished the piano, cleaned the ceiling fan blades, wiped down the blinds, and everything else. It was fun :)

Sweet sweet loving tender mommy, I loved your brutal email :) And just so you know... I'm still being pampered... I'M IN THE UTAH PROVO MISSION, HELLOOOO. Hahahahahaha Aaaand my poor poor hair isn't adjusting to the water. But guess what! It just so happens that one of the WML's wives sells DoTerra!! So, I asked her if I could order a bottle of the serum through her. SO, yes my hair will be back to normal :) :) Mostly. That's just a fun fact I thought I'd share.

Two things; both sad, but both I saw coming:

1) I asked President if I could see Luke before he went into the MTC, and he said no. Well, he explained it in a loving manner why he wouldn't say yes, but long story short, he said no. I figured as much, but I couldn't let Luke come to Provo without asking!

2) I wasn't accepted to BYU. I don't know why I felt I should apply now, but I'm glad I did. So now I don't feel like I'm coming right back after my mission. Being in the place I had planned to come right back to was distracting! I was always seeing something and thinking "Ok, when I come back, I'll do that/go there/whatever." Now I think "Ok, maybe when I come back in 3-4 years I'll rediscover that." But now I don't have to worry about it :) I'll just go there for Grad school. ANYWAY, THAT'S ENOUGH THINKING ABOUT THAT.

SO! We went shopping again. I got boots! They were $40 at target, and my conscious wouldn't let me spend $80 on boots when I still had tights, scarves, hats, gloves, etc. to buy. The boots keep my legs warm, but I'll have to get some thermal socks because my little toesies are cold (as always. I have the cold feet of an old man!) <---sorry for that. Aka-awkward... :) But listen to this... I WAS IN TARGET. I was also simultaneously in heaven. I miss Target so much! Then, we went to Khol's. UM HELLO HOME! I was looking through the Vera Wang section and was reminded of the times when I was home, and I would look through her collection and wish I was rich or that Vera Wang wasn't so daggum expensive! Hahah THEN! GET. THIS... We went to eat lunch. GUESS WHERE WE WENT.

WE WENT TO CHICK-FIL-A. I felt like I had just spent a day shopping in Jacksonville, and stopped by to grab some lunch. WHY? Because I only ever eat CFA in Jacksonville. Hahah It was like a bite of HOME. I was in heaven.

Oh yeah, how about I got a letter from Jessica Epperson and almost exploded with love and excitement. And that 1D sticker? I'm going to frame it... Hahahaha Just kidding :) I love her so much. Also, I got an email from aunt Lara! So if I don't have time to respond to hers, somebody let her know how much I LOVE her and appreciated her super sweet email. I sure do miss them all! And my island family! I love them all so much. Basically, anybody I've ever known and didn't hate, I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU :) Just kidding, I don't hate people ;) I had a dream about uncle Kevin the other day! But he was a youngin. But Lanie was still in it. It was weird. I don't remember what happened in it, but then it made me miss them! And unkie Telfy-welfy? I miss him times a bazillion. Also my sweeeet grandparents! Tell grandmother and granddaddy I'm going to respond to the letter they wrote me, and I miss them, prease! :)

WHEN TANNER BEGINS SPEAKING, RECORD IT AND SEND IT TO ME. Also, teach him to say "Elisabeth is my favorite aunt." Then send that to me too :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDDADDY! I miss you so so so much! There's a street in Provo called Bulldog and I think of you every time I'm in Provo. I'll get a picture of it for you :)

Anywho, I love you all dearly and stuff... My companion and I are matching. so I'll send photos of us trying to figure out what to wear last night. So fun :)

Dad, you're the bomb. Mom, you're my favorite mommy I've ever had :)

Luke! If you have Tommy Williams, Ryan Wilkes, or Matt Bell, tell them their favorite student is your sister :) I think they all teach advanced Spanish, so brush up on your Spanish so they pull you into a higher class! :) Hahahah I'm going to write you a long letter of advice and love before you leave. LOOK FORWARD TO THAT.

I love you all so so so so much! :)

Hermana Willis

 I found these... "pants?" at Target. I just thought they were worth a picture :)

Wearing the scarf Nate Livsey MADE and sent me! I LOVE IT! :)

I am Batman. Missionaries are kind of like super heroes, right? ;)

Our landlords got new couches, and they also had their son's couches while he's working on his basement, SO we got ALL OF THE COUCHES in our basement right now. It's like a big slumber party ALL THE TIME. I love it. Hahah :)

We got to help out in Primary... I WAS IN HEAVEN! I felt RIGHT at home :)


But it's cold... so matching AND warm! :)

Our Zone picture. Pardon the blurriness :'(

Our landlord's grandkids and daughter in law made us cookies. DARLING! :)

Us with Elder Leavitt and his wife (right) and our WONDERFUL landlords (middle).

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