Saturday, October 19, 2013


Email: 10/7/2013

Don't judge my bad typing or spellling. My fingers are freezing, so typing isn't my strong point right now.

I SAW SNOW. My goodness, I saw snow! It was a light fall, but it was awesome. We woke up on Friday, I showered, I went outside to see how cold it was, aaand.... it was cloudy, and the ground at the bottom of the stairs (where I was) was wet, but it was quiet. It was quiet, so it wasn't raining... but it was wet, so water was coming from somewhere... I look up the stairs and see things falling. SO I RAN BACK INSIDE AND YELLED "SISTER, IT'S FREAKING SNOWING" at my companion. I ran out in a t-shirt and capris. I didn't care that I was freezing. It was SNOWING! But It was very light, and the sun was coming out, so it would all melt. I'll send you a multitude of pictures! I'm really nervous now, about driving in it... Uh-oh... That could be bad!

So guess what. I went to General Conference. I'm sure you got that from my last week's message. Hahah We woke up on Saturday and I was like excited out of my mind. We got ready, picked up a sister in Saratoga, and went to Lehi. We missed the first session because we were traveling. We got to Lehi, waited like AN HOUR for the train (our ZL's told us to be there ridiculously early...), then we hopped on the train and I was in heaven! I love trains. It was really short, but I looooved it. I want to go on a long train ride... One day! So we got to SLC, and my companion and I went to explore Temple Square. That was where I encountered MY SISTER! Did you know that I miss my whole family a whole crap-ton? Because I miss you all sooooo much. So I got pictures with her, and to my shame, one of the first things I said to her after freak-out-hugging was "Did you get me a ring in Ireland?" Yeah. I'm dumb. How about "Hi sister, I love you so much! I hope you had a wonderful time in Europe! I've missed you so much! I'm so glad I can see youuuu!! NOW WHEREARE MY PRESENTS." THAT is how I should have done it. Hahahahahahahaha JUST KIDDING. But she bought me a freaking Claddagh ring FROM REAL LIFE IRELAND. Did you know how cool she is? Because if you didn't know how cool she was, her taste in gifts speaks pretty loudly. So I had a Claddagh ring (you can google it. It's cute.) but I left it at work once, and I never saw it again. I missed it SOOOO bad. And I got here and I missed it even more. Material things, I know, but I LOVED that ring. It was ALMOST as sad as when I lost the flower ring Adam bought in Argentina. That still almost makes me cry... I miss that ring so much :( ANYWAY, yes. So my finger is not lonely anymore! And she bought me a book of MUSTACHES in London?! Hello! She knows me so well!!! Aaaaaand she brought me my coat, so I now have TWO coats. This winter can't stop me now! >:) Also, I asked her why she didn't send me my socks... the Christmas ones I bought with Jess. She said she gave it to dad to put in the box. So? The only possible answers to this mystery is.... either dad forgot to put them in the box... OR someone with a soft spot in their heart for Christmas socks with fuzzy balls and jingle bells broke into my box, completely disregarded the +$100 purse that was in the box, and STOLE MY CHRISTMAS SOCKS. What is this world coming to?! Oh well, I'll live, even if me feet won't ;)

Oh yeah, back to G. Conference. So I was there. Sitting waaaay close to the front on the floor seats. Buuut I was all the way to the left (if you're looking to the podium), so I got to see the back, and side of the speakers heads for two hours! <3 LIES. ONE HOUR AND FIFTY MINUTES. Did you notice that a lot of the sessions were short 10-15 minutes? I kind of felt robbbed of a talk that could have changed my life... I DEMAND ANOTHER SESSION! Juust kidding ;) I LOVED all of the talks on family, and gender rolls. I LOVED it. And all of the talks on everything else? I loved those too! :) But sometimes I get distracted by Australian accents and flies, and I sometimes will have to go back and read some talks... Hahahaha My landlords (who we were watching the Sunday sessions with) HATES flies, and so do I (now that they're EVERYWHERE), so we were all going crazy! I would have been swatting around like a crazy person until the offender was DEAD! But I'm a bit crazy, so that's just me. :)

This week was way slow. We basically knocked the doors of people we're trying to contact and nobody answered. Our appointments canceled. So that was like a cherry on a crap-sundae. Delicious. I'm not in such a foul mood now, but these past couple of weeks I've been residing in Oscar the Grouch's garbage can. It has been my place of residence many a time, so I was just revisiting. I hate it there! But I feel a little bit better now. I'm going to ask for a blessing, and President interviews are coming up, so I'll talk to him. Dad, I'm hydrated, I promise. I'm taking a B complex vitamin. It's not the climate or altitude change, I've adjusted. I'm just being a baby. This too will pass, though.

LUKE LEAVES SO SOOOONNN!! I'm going to go crazy. He's such a stud. He's going to explode Argentina with his Willis power. Keep it up, pretty boy!

Now, the time is far spent, there is little remaining.. PICTURE TIME!

Love you all a whole bunch!

Hermana Willis

Day 1 of iPads :)

Family dinner on Sunday. I LOVE THIS FAMILY.

Would you believe me if I told you this wasn't posed? Like... my face? Because it was totally on accident, AND I LOVE IT. Hahaha

Provo temple!

On the map in the mission office... THERE'S ME!

With Courtney! Love you sissy!

I saw Jordan Wheeler! :)

I SAW FABI!!!!! :D

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