Monday, July 28, 2014


Tuesday morning companionship study was interrupted by spiders. Then we spent the rest of comp study exterminated the whole house because companion hates spiders A LOT. So fun. :) hahaha

I have a scary story to tell you. Here it goes... I was with Hna Córdova when she hit 9 months, then I hit 9 months. I was with Hna Abellán when she hit 11, and here I am, cumpliendo 11 meses. Now I'm with Hna Wright, and she's got 4 months left. In two more transfers, I'll be there where she is now, with trunky papers in hand... WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! Holy smokes. That's the end of my scary story. The end.

Luke, you lucky dog. I want a bombilla. I've got the mate, lo que no tengo es una bombilla! Ay, como lo quiero... I've been steeping it like a loose leaf tea, pero it's not the same! QUIERO SER ARGENTINA!
Hahah Oh well... I'll never be as Argentine as my brother who's actually IN Argentina.

Mom you'd be so proud of me! When my companion got the flu, I remembered oscillococcinum and gave it to my her! YAAAYY! My next door neighbor also has some homeopathic things, and she was willing to go
pick up the oscillo for me. She also bought me extra produce because I'm borrowing her juicer. Everybody, please give a round of applause for Kathy, the best next door neighbor. *applauds*

Anyway, I filled a humidifier with water and added a little lavender and my companion slept a rock. I was taking care of her like my mommy always took care of me. The best way. With natural remedies! Say hello
to the next witch doctor :) After that experience I'm just so excited to have kids of my own. I'm ready to be a mom. I'm ready for sick kids. Bring on the poopy diapers. Bring on the crying. Bring on the puking. BRING ON THE BABIES.

Fun fact: I have an obsession with the concepts of "home" and "belonging" and I think it's because of that that I am so extremely moved by the soundtrack of Spirit. It is easily the best movie score and soundtrack I've ever heard. It still makes me cry.

Thursday morning, I finished reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon, and as I sat it down I thought in my head "Stop. There's something inthe back of your scriptures that you need to read." Listen to the pronouns. "YOUR scriptures." "YOU need to read." So these thoughts obviously weren't me talking to me, I would have said "I" instead of "you." So without hesitation, I reached back down and looked in the back of my scriptures. In there was a picture I drew in seminary of a "silly ruler of the feast," a list of ideas for a good talk, and "I Am Willis." I knew it wasn't the seminary picture, and the tips for good talks wasn't that interesting, so I read I Am Willis.

Let me just say that I love my dad, I love my name, and I love my family.

On Saturday someone my companion had taught in her first area was going to the temple to receive their endowment. Sooo we did a session in SPANISH. I was in heaven (ahem... literally). It was so much fun! And the temple worker who helped me in Spanish was an Argentine woman who knows the Krasnoselsky's. Hey, familia mía, conocen una Hermana Riboldi? Es de Rosario, creo. La conocí en un centro de la historia
familiar y la pregunté si conocía a la familia Krasnoselsky y me contestó "Por supuesto que sí!" You're all so popular. ;)

Last night our dinner appointment couldn't have us over and had to drop the food off at our house, and she was running a little late. Our dinner hour was wasting away, and then my very favorite next door neighbor asked us if we want to come eat with them. We did! And the husband of the family is from Georgia. I could hear my tiny little hint of a southern accent coming out. I was so filled with joy! When he got baptized (he's a convert of a long time) he was baptized in the FJM! :) But where he's from is in the GA Macon mission now. So neat :) Here's a picture of his hat that he showed me... Enjoy :) And as we were leaving he yelled our the door (while wearing his hat) "You can keep your confederate money. The south will rise again!" I almost

So yesterday we were sitting in our in our stake coordination meeting and Elder Lundahl was sitting next to me. The attention had gone to the stake missionary couple, so I asked him to see his iPad. He handed me his iPad and I whipped open his LDS Tools (because we all have the same password, so that's not a problem. Hahah) then I had a little panic attack because his LDS Tools was in Swedish. But let's be real, I was born to be a linguist, so I was able to navigated through it until I found what I wanted. Once there, I searched for ADAM WILLIS! And guess who is in the stake these elders also cover... My big brudder! So I screen captured his information and airdropped it to myself. Then I told Elder Lundahl take Adam out with them all the time. He was like "Yeah, we will" blah blah. I figured they'd forget about it.

THEN about 3 hours later my comp and I were outside our house because our ZL's were picking something up, and because the elders live on the same street as we do they saw us when they were leaving their house.
Elder Lundahl says "Hey, I need to show you something" and hands me his iPad. IT WAS A PICTURE OF THEM AND ADAM! I almost flipped lid. Elder Romriell said Adam was really quiet. I looked at him like he was insane and said "Are you telling me jokes right now?" Adam, don't hide your true nature from these elders. Hahaha they said you're going out with them this week! I'm so glad :) Just don't take them home because I'm sure they'll show you where I live. Hahaha I also may have told the Spanish elders in that stake as well (my DL who is from Bunell FL!) that Morganne speaks Spanish, and they should get her to come out

P.s. With that screen capture, I was able to figure out what his calling was. At first it looked like he was the prince of the Evangelists, but then I realized he's actually the gospel principles teacher! xD I CAN READ SWEDISH!! Seriously though, I believe I was born to learn languages. I just love it.

STOP. Scripture time.

This morning I started reading Alma 5. Anybody who's ever read the Book of Mormon should understand that I've been dying to get to this chapter. It's one of my very favorites :) So I read verse 9 and my inner poet just leapt for joy.

And again I ask, were the bands of death broken, and the chains of hell which encircled them about, were they loosed? I say unto you, Yea, they were loosed, and their souls did expand, and they did sing redeeming love. And I say unto you that they are saved. (Alma 5:9)

The part that says their souls did expand just blew my mind. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. Without Christ, we're confined and limited. But through Christ, and especially through the Atonement, even our very souls can
expand. Through Him we can reach and accomplish such amazing things that as fallen sinners we could never imagine. But with Him, not even death and beat us! And through Christ, WE ARE SAVED. This verse just
hit me right between the eyes this morning. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." That was from memory. I may have quoted it wrong... But it's real! True story. SOUL EXPANDING. Just
think about it.

I love you all A LOT. I hope you know it! I try not to brag, but whenever people ask me about my family I kind of let myself go on... Hahaha Y'all are really the best in the world.


Hermana Willis

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