Monday, July 28, 2014

"Teach him to deny himself. Teach him to say no." Robert E Lee

Just a fun little quote for you. I liked it. You're welcome :)

Dear dad, for Father's Day (well on Monday night) I ate a super spicy tamale for you. And guess what! I ate it all with no problem, while these Mexican men all around me were CRYING. Enserio. So we're definitely related, you and I. Hahaha

OH, let me tell you the worst moment of this week (exaggeration). We were having a rough afternoon and we rode our bikes by an investigators house. While we were riding by, we saw the J-Dubs leaving their house. But it's ok, we were about to drop him anyway.

Remember how Utah is 60x more bipolar than Florida? Cold hard RAIN, and degrees in the 40's IN JUNE. Go home, Utah. You're drunk. Also, please live the word of wisdom from now on.

Being a mom: food poisoning edition. Wednesday afternoon, we got a text from the elders telling us they wouldn't be able to come to our meeting with the stake president because they both got food poisoning (the elders who Adam knows who live just a few houses down). I went to my next door neighbor who is also a witch doctor and then my companion and I brought over a grocery bag full of stuff. I felt like a momma of a couple teenage boys. It as awesome. "Take the charcoal capsules. Try eating a LITTLE bit of applesauce or a banana. Sip on that Gatorade I gave you. SLOWLY. Rub the essential oil on your stomach in a clockwise motion. Do you want some peppermint tea? Have you been eating? Are you hydrated? KEEP DRINKING WATER. I don't care if you've been throwing it up for 15 hours. Is there a water bottle right next to you? Are you drinking it? Stop talking, take a sip." Hahahahaha I turned into the crazy protective mother over these boys. Poor kids. Somebody's gotta do it though! And I'm more than glad to. I love being a momma! :) Hahaha

STORY TIME: Once upon a time my mission president called during dinner and I flipped out when I saw it after we left. He left a message about how there was a letter, something about Sister Willis working with Henry. I still was confused, and was anxiously waiting his call back. We were in a meeting with our stake president when he called back. I wasn't about to miss it, so I excused myself and answered). President McCune told me he'd received a letter from someone in a stake in Orem. It was from the brother who introduced Henry to us. He was in almost every lesson, and really loves Henry. So he wrote a letter about how highly he thought about Hna Abellan and myself. He said "we are confident in the qualification, testimonies, and training of these two young sisters" and a bunch of stuff like "thanks for keeping such amazing missionaries like these sisters." I had been having the worst day in the world, and that was a cherry on a newly encountered ice cream sundae after walking with a rain cloud over your head for a day. I was crying like a little baby. Thanks Hno Luke for the letter, and thank you President for sharing it with me!

I was feeling really unwell Saturday afternoon, so I watched some of my favorite I'm a Mormon videos of international people. Some of my favorites are the Parisian linguist mother of 7 (my #1 favorite), the Italian bee-keeper and architect who never stops smiling, the Persian Britt who teaches her children Farsi, the blind French-Swiss chocolate hunter (this one is one of my very favorites. He's so funny!), the Russian musician, the trilingual (English, Spanish, French) family, the Austrian concert manager, the Frenchman/opera singer, and the American mother who supports 27 orphanages in Bulgaria. Go take a look :) (Oh, and there's this one too!

When I was watching the one about the opera singer, I closed my eyes and pretended I was watching an opera. I'd never felt so relaxed in the mission. I never realized how much I loved opera. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! Go and take a listen for me! :)

Saturday after watching the I'm a Mormon videos, I was sitting getting our supplies list ready for our DL, and got a phone call from Hna Córdova. So she got a call from the Eagle Mountain sisters. She said that someone I'd spent 4 1/2 months trying to teach IS GETTING BAPTIZED! He asked the sisters in EM to invite all of the missionaries that ever tried to contact him. Even my ZL who was trained there ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO is invited. He said thank you to all the missionaries who never gave up on him. BOOYAH! That's me!! :)

So we have 3 investigators with a baptism date (July 5th). During sacrament meeting when they announced the closing hymn, Maria the mother leaned over to my companion and said "Anoche estabamos leyendo sobre la barra de hierro." WHAT! She's amazing. She went from just listening to us because she enjoyed the company to reading the Book of Mormon and praying with her two sons every night. I love this family so much. They're amazing.

So July 5th is going to be a day filled with baptisms! We're hoping another investigator will accept to be baptized that same day. I could potentially see 5 baptisms that day. SO MUCH LOVE!

So now that I've ended the email on a spiritual note, let me ruin that. So on July 4th, Sister McCune always approves a movie for us to watch (we can't be out because some elders will surely play with fireworks, which we cannot do). DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE MOVIE IS? Let me tell you... WE ARE WATCHING FROZEN. Holy cow, I'm so stoked. Anyway, I just wanted to leave you on that note. ;)

I LOVE YOU ALL! Please be good, and don't lose Jacob's puppy ever again! :)

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