Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy birthday/anniversary!


Y'all are the best parents and Luke I've ever had :) :)

Dad, thank you for calling me a skinny Spanish/Russian/confused missionary. I appreciate that. It's just... With the way I was standing and turned and the angle and everything, my torso looks elongated... I appreciate the compliment though! :)
Speaking of Russian... We're going to the next World Cup in Russia, right?! Hahaha Sorry... Serving with Hispanics I always hear the most up to date information on the World Cup.

We went and did service two mornings in a row for a festival at as Scera Park. It was a colonial thing, and mom would have died. So cute!

Then I was so tired from working in the sun, I fell asleep in a lesson or two. THAT HAPPENS WAY TOO OFTEN. Can someone tell me how to not be so tired in lessons? Because falling asleep in lessons is really not an ok thing to do. And studies, and sacrament meeting, and principios, and relief society... I have a problem.

Once, a kid lied to us so my companion told him liars go to hell. His friend told us we can't say that word because we're teachers at heaven school. So now we substitute it with telestial kingdom. The other day I was talking about something and I said "Aaaalllll of the telestial kingdom broke loose!" Man, it was funny.

The parade was so much fun! The entire mission was there, and I got to see my very favorite missionaries. Such a beautiful reunion. Hahah

Saw Adam and Morganne, and gave them hugs :) Well, I saw them once but they were too far back in the crowd to see me. Then they ran to another side and I gave them hugs. THEN Adam ran up to me about a block down and took pictures. Hahaha So technically, I saw them three times.

Saw Jeff Williams and ALMOST gave him a hug. Hahaha And I realized I was so excited to see Jeff and meet Kara, I DIDNT FLIP OUT OVER THE KIDS! Ay, mi madre... Well, I had almost been lost by the mission, and I didn't want that to happen. Hahah Did he send you the picture? I want to see it!

So on Saturday I went back to Eagle Mountain. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA! We had dinner with the Johnsons, then went to the baptism of the man I technically never got to teach. I got to see all of the members, and although I was a newbie missionary and it was a year ago, they all still remembered me :) I sang a so with Hna Córdova (Where love is, there god is also<---in Spanish). We got to see one of the families I love. Do you remember when I was preparing Thasgiving dinner with a family and the man called dad, and we also found out the son served with Adam? Them. I love them. We surprised them. It was awesome :)
My temporary companion was Hna Córdova, and while we were with is family, we realized both of our companions had our areas phones. We were off the charts... So crazy. Hahaha

The baptism was a man I'd only met once was one of the most spiritual baptisms I've ever been at. I can't count the amount of times we went and knocked on his door. Now he's baptized! So cool.

Anyway, I've felt pretty sick this week. Not too well... And this heat is killing me. 6 more weeks of this! Woot woot! Oh, p.s. That's transfer call information! I'm staying here, going on 6 months, and I Hna Wright is staying with me.

So I love you all, and hope you had a lovely Independence Day, and anniversary, and birthdays! Enjoy this most eventful month! :D

Hermana Willis

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