Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!!!

HAPPY AMERICA DAY THIS WEEK! We will be walking in the parade on the 4th, but we can't stop and greet people, so when I see you Adam and Morganne, I'll just wave like a psycho :) Then that night we're watching Frozen. YESSS!! Man, I'm so stoked. πŸ˜ƒ Hahaha

A BABY?!? Holy mother of pearl, I'm going to die. Looks like I'm not leaving FL until after a baby is born! I VOTE ANOTHER BOY! Let's name him Hercules!! Jess, thank you for the BEST homecoming gift ever. Due date please? I'm going to buy him a BYU onesie :)

Also... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER! Somebody put a birthday video of him on Facebook, prease :) I MISS THAT CHEEKY LITTLE RASCAL!! Sooooooo much.

My mission is so international. There's English and Spanish missionaries obviously. Then there's a Portuguese companionship, two Asian companionships (not necessarily Asian missionaries they're just assigned to that work for awhile), and a Poly companionship (again, it's not the missionaries themselves who are Poly, it's the assignment). This is also one of the most versatile missions in the world. We've got people from all over the world! It makes me so full of happy feelings, knowing there are so many languages in my mission.

Whenever there's someone around me who speaks a language I don't speak, I have to learn the basics. I now know a few basic phrases in Swedish. Hahaha When I was serving around the German elders, I was polishing up my German. When Elder Sellers was here (he went to Brazil) I was practicing Portuguese words and the accent. Even when I was with Hna Abellan, I was learning some Catalan words. SO FUN! #learnallthelanguages

Luke, keep an eye out for an Elder Parker Bingham. He's coming to you, and you're going to train him! We had dinner with his family about 2 weeks ago.

Not quite a year in and I'm trashing some of my clothes... :( Looks like a trip to Old Navy for some tshirts! -_- (Code for "I hate spending money.") hahaha

Time flies by when you're a missionary whether your having fun or not. But chances are, you are having fun. This was the fastest week of my whole life. The mission is literally a blasted roller coaster. Fast and crazy. I go through just about every emotional extreme at least twice a day. If I have a mood disorder after the mission, I'm sorry. πŸ˜” Hahaha

I want to be a mom: birthday party edition. We were helping our ex-WML's wife prepare for her daughter's birthday party. We've been helping her for a long time... But it's so worth it! I just think parties are so fun. Preparing food, creating decorations, etc. I love it. I miss doing that. I love preparing for parties and decorating for events. I would love to have a baby shower sometime soon. Ahem. Jess, will you wait for me to come home to do the baby shower? I get home the first week of February. Or can we do another baby shower when I get back? I just don't want to miss out!! Hahahaha

So we got one referral, but we ended up teaching the whole family, and we now have 4 new investigators. One of them is ready for baptism and is half way done with the BoM (they've all had missionaries before), one has serious arthritis and anemia and sometimes can't move, one doesn't want to be ready for baptism yet, and one was just confirmed catholic the day we met her. The first lesson with them was the most powerful lesson I've ever been in though. It was insane how powerful the spirit was. They shared some amazing experiences with us, and everything in their lives is directing them towards baptism and on, they just have to recognize that. Holy smokes.

ADAM, you little nugget! I can't believe you signed up to feed the elders! I was so jealous. And the best part is, that was the night we didn't have a dinner. Hahah If the elders had told me, I probably would have made them ask if y'all could feed us too. I probably would have been reprimanded later though, so never mind. Hahaha They said you still haven't gotten silly yet. STOP HOLDING BACK, YOU BUCKET HEAD! Sing them fruit cocktail! Hahaha

Anyway, last night my companion and I left the phone downstairs when we were doing numbers, so the DL and ZL's were calling like crazy. Right when we got down stairs the other elders (as seen in the picture with Adam) we're calling. I answered and they told me they were about to come and check on us because nobody could get in contact with us. OOPS!! Hahah I felt so bad. We fixed it all though. Not leaving this phone anywhere! Haha

Anywho, I hope you all have a lovely Fourth of July week! God bless America! πŸ˜€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I love youuuu!!

Hermana Willis

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