Sunday, June 15, 2014


Lord Bulwer Lytton: ‘What man wants is not talent, it is purpose; not power to achieve, but the will to labor.’
I just like that quote. I hope you enjoyed it like I did. Hahah

Happy Father's Day before Father's Day!! Dear dad, YOU'RE THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD. I could say the best dad I've ever had, pero you're the only dad I've ever had, so that would do you justice... So you're the best in the WORLD. I'd write you another letter, but nothing can match the birthday letter I sent you. That one made ME cry! But anyway, I love you and wish I could give you your glass of orange juice on Father's Day morning, but it's ok. I'll drink some juice on your behalf on Sunday :)

Oh! I forgot to tell you dad, I played Dust in the Wind on the guitar at our branch president's house when we had a goodbye asado last week for Hna Abellan. I felt so accomplished... I can't believe I remembered it! And sheesh, my fingers are WEAK.

Hypochondriac: Appendicitis edition. I woke up or morning and went running with out WML's daughter and her uncle. Anyway, we ran really hard, and I had a sharp pain where my appendix is later that morning. I had a cramp from running, pero this one stayed ALL DAY. I rested a little bit, took an ibuprofen, and it didn't help. So in my mind, MY APPENDIX WAS ABOUT TO EXPLODE. Obviously. It ended up just being a torn muscle. Hahahahaha Being educated and informed is the worst when you're a hypochondriac.

OH HEY, I JUST STARTED ALMA! :) That's just some exciting news for you...

On Friday, we were walking down University Pkwy, and someone in this big green 15 seater cheese wagon opened their door and yelled at us "You will never have the priesthood!" I almost died laughing. My companion and I look at the car drive away and we both said "...Ok! Ta bien!" Hahahaha

Then that night we were with the branch president and one of his counselors, and we told them that story. We get out of the lesson at 9 and were racing home on the bikes. The branch presidency got to their house and they were changing cars or something, and as we ride by their house, the first counselor yells out of his car "NUNCA van a tener el sacerdocio!!" I almost fell off my bike I was laughing to hard...

Oh, and I'm racing a less active in reading the Book of Mormon. She's going to win! :/

Once upon a time our ZL's called us and texted us like crazy. Then when we got out of our lesson at almost 9, we read that they texted us about that time telling us to go to some elders' house ASAP and bring the iPads. We were worried. WHAT DID WE DO?! So we got there, and they just had to update our iPads... Anyway, now we have myldsmail on our iPads! And this email is brought to you by a Utah Provo Mission iPad. Shooooot. It's so cool. No more cords and nonsense when trying to send pictures. No mas *boom* and there is it. Luxury. Please, everybody else in other missions, or who have served without iPads (which is
most people who have served missions), prease don't resent me... I'm just in the best mission in the world...

Anyway, we had some amazing lessons this week, and most of the people I've been working with are FINALLY progressing towards baptism! My new companion is a BOSS. I'm super excited. And people love us a lot, too. One of our investigators called us her angels last night. Yessss!

I feel like I'm forgetting something, pero is don't remember. Well, I LOVE YOU ALL!

Now for some pictures... ๐Ÿ˜

Loves and hearts!

Hermana Willis

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