Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy birthday/baptism day!

Hola mis pollitos!! I love you guys.

Mommy, when you said "white" birthday, my first thought was "IT'S BEEN SO WARM!!" 40's-50's. It's even been in the 60's!! When it hits the 70's, I'm going to have water withdrawal... I miss swimming and being in water. But guess who WAS in water on my birthday?! ISRAEL WAS!!! Birthday baptism! He's such a miracle! His family came from California (his mother is a convert of a few years), and the room was FILLED. So did you know that not every building has a baptismal font?! Only the stake centers do here. It's crazy. So because it was on a Sunday, and each chapel has like 11 wards who meet there, we had to come at 7 in the morning to fill up the font for 3 hours. We did studies and makeup and stuff... In the bathroom of the church. Hahah It was awesome. The baptism was amazing. We've been teaching him since January, and since before he stepped into the chapel with his auny's family, he was ready. Every time we taught him, he didn't have any doubts about the truth, always prayed, kept commitments, and was progressing from day 1. He was just such an amazing person to work with. And after I told him that my birthday didn't exist on his baptism day, everybody ended up singing me happy birthday anyway after the baptism. Haha I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

Last night when we were at the big Mexican after party (I hope that doesn't sound offensive... They were really Mexican, and it was a big shindig!) the zone leaders texted us and said there's been stuff going on in the zone and we all needed to meet at their chapel that night. I thought about it for a second and thought "No, this isn't about the zone... IT'S A BIRTHDAY PARTY." So we went, the ZL's met us outside and were all "So there's just been some stuff going down in the zone that we wanted to talk to y'all about..." We were in the gym at this point. They stopped in the middle, and one of them stomped twice, and the curtains opened, and I saw the most beautiful birthday thing in the world. There was a humongous Reese's PB cup with a candle on it. I just love these missionaries so much! They silly stringed me to death, then they sang at me. I LOVE THEM.

So there you have it. I LOVE things again. Yaaayyy!! :)

Umm..... I'm forgetting other things to write... BUT! Thank you all for the birthday wishes and thingies... It was awesome. Actually, the most part of the day was awful (I was feeling reaaallly un-good), but by the time of the baptism, it didn't matter if I felt good or not, it was BAPTISM time! I'm 21 now though! Que weird. I was thinking about everything, and I really don't want to turn 22... I've always wanted to be a big kid, and I LOVE it, but I like 21 and want to stay here. Do you think Heavenly Father will honor my request? I think it's reasonable... ;) Hahaha I'll send you pictures! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Hermana Willis

This is me and Alexito. He's the son of the high counselor over our ward. His dad came up to me and said "He has something he wants to say to you." I squatted down so I could hear him, and he wrapped his arms around my neck and said "Happy birthday!" I LITERALLY ALMOST CRIED. Sweetest kid on the earth, right here!

Israel and his brother and sister.

ISRAEL'S BAPTISM! I love this kid, he's such a boss!!

It was pretty packed! :)

Transfering Spanish hymn books, Gus Gus style :)

This is the wonderful Shawn Soto. He's a mini general authority. He's 14, but he can quiet the whole congregation in sacrament meeting (EVEN THE KIDS) when he speaks. His voice commands the winds. Hahah

Shawnsy and me. He made me TRES LECHES for my birthday! We're best friends. He tried to write happy birthday on it with food coloring and a tooth pick, but he failed HARD. Hahahaha

Me and my favorite ladies :)

This is the Sueng family. They are such a miracle! They were baptized before I got here, but I'll send you their amazing story another time. Buuuut they bought me a piece of cake for my birthday. Hahaha I LOVE THEM! They're like my 2nd parents here in Spanish Fork.

These are the best missionaries ever. I love them! The banner says "Feliz Birthday" :)

These are the best people in the world. And the Elders standing next to me are the ZL's. They got me with silly string. My compi isn't in the picture, she was taking it :(

Me and Hna Sablan. She's my favorite human ever :)

We just liked this sign... It sounds like a dance move or something!

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