Friday, March 28, 2014


Holy shoot, TODAY is my 8 month mark. Say whaaat?!

Ok, so throughout the week I keep a list on the iPad of things I need to write y'all about. So let me begin.

My companion says I sound like I served in Spain. My Spanish is really "proper" as she put it. I don't speak with a "zeta, y por eso she said I sound like I SERVED in Spain. Like I learnt Spanish there, pero never developed the full accent. Pero ta bien :)

OH YEAH, I SAW ERIC TROTT! How's THAT for a small world! He literally lives around the corner from our house, and we walk by his house like 6 times a day. Hahahaha Tiny tiny world...

Guess who's about to be baptized! HENRY! We've been teaching him since my first week here, and he always said "When I get baptized, I want to be sure I'm going to be doing this forever. I don't want to get baptized, then not live up to it." He is literally the best person in the world. Good, through and through. Last week in a lesson, he said "I was thinking about the date you extended me for baptism, and I think I need more time." So we extended another date, and he said "Yep. I'll be baptized on that day!" Well, all of this is in Spanish, pero he's so excited to be baptized. He's already doing missionary work! He's bringing a friend to church on Sunday. HE'S MAGICAL!!

Remember those bikes we got? We got them fixed! There's a member down the road who fixed them for us, all we need is helmets, and we won't be late to lessons!! :D

Oh... Let me tell you something... We went to Chuck-a-rama. Hahahahahaha! So when you hear that name... You think of something like a kid's toy store, or Chuck-e-cheese, right? Wrong. It's the most confused place on the earth! You walk in and it's like Golden Coral (trough style). Stop and listen, and there's cheesy instrumental music (like elevator music) playing WAY too loud. I came to the conclusion that Chuck-a-rama is the Walmart of restaurants. The food was good (or as good as an affordable buffet can be). I just remembered all of the times we went to the restaurant when we were kids, we always went to those kinds of places. That's all one can afford when you've got 8 kids to feed! Hahah

Oh, but it was worth it going there. A man came up to us and gave us $20! It sure is hard serving in the Utah Provo mission... Hahaha So many people are sooo helpful and generous :)

So yesterday when my companion and I were walking to a stake meeting yesterday, President Keele stopped us to ask us a couple things. So my companion is speaking in stake conference, then... he asked if we could come to dinner with them soon. We were discussing a day that we could do dinner with them, then he suggested a date and said "We'll have the Krasnos with us, so how does that day work for you?" WHAT?! I am SO excited! I can't wait to see them :D :D

So my companion and I had some free time, so we did some praying. We both saw the same neighborhood in our minds, so we went. There is NOBODY in this area. Well... seemingly... We asked the members, and the only person people knew was this Ecuadorian family (and Ecuador is next on my countries list. #1 Argentina. #2 Ecuador. EVERYBODY from there is AWESOME!) So we contacted this man... AND GUESS WHAT.

He's atheist. For real.

He's also a mason.

WHAT?! I tried to research that in my past life, and I STILL never learned what that is...

Pero, he's super cool and scary (not like we can't feel the spirit there, it's just his way of expression is intense), so we're going to go back :) We both feel like he DOES believe in God, he's just angry about things that have happened in his life, so it's easier for God not to exist.

We were talking about atheism with a member, and he said "Gracias a Dios, soy ateo..." Hahahahaha He's from Brazil, pero he speaks all sorts of languages. It's awesome.

Pero this week was EXHAUSTING. It was really hard. My feet are starting to realize I'm walking everywhere, and they're a little upset. My ankles are sore too. Weird...

But Luke, guess what! Remember that one time when you said "Flex your calf muscle" and I started laughing and said "I WAS!" and it was funny because you couldn't see my calf muscle? I CAN SEE MY CALF MUSCLE! Score. My back is killing me, but my legs are glad I'm walking :) Hahah

Creo que no tengo mas to say...

I miss you all a lot!


Hermana Willis

Bike. This one was actually too far gone, but the guy who fixed up my companion's gave me one. HE GAVE ME ONE. He has a million bikes, but it doesn't make me appreciate it any less! Hahah

Hna Abellán y yo :)

This dog... I'm in love!!

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