Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When Cameron was in Egypt land... let my Cameron go.

Sorry about that... I just love that so much. Hahaha I have a Lower Lights cd (hipster Mormon music) and they sing the Moses song, but all I hear is Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. LOVERLY.

I had a thought the other day... sometimes being away from home isn't easy... WHEN YOU'RE FROM THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN THE WORLD. I just appreciate Jacksonville so much now they I'm away. It's so pretty :)

You wanna hear about some tender mercies? So here they are. I AM BROKE. Like... I have two dollars in my wallet and 86 cents on my mission card. If anybody tries to rob me, they're going to have an unsuccessful day... But here's the thing.
We went to Chuck-a-rama last week: Random guy gave us $20!
We went to get groceries on Monday... Random guy paid for our groceries!! His sister is serving in Slovakia. SHOUT OUT TO YOU, SISTER!
Members gave us helmets, so we've been able to start using the bikes! :D
So although I don't have money, HF keeps providing for me!

Thursday we had 8 lessons... I just thought that was interesting. Fun fact...

Oh, about those bikes. They were old, but functioning. The man who gave us a referral (and said referral is getting baptized in two weeks) saw our bikes and offered to take us to a pawn shop to get whatever bikes we wanted... You know why? Because he served in Argentina, which means he's CORPORATE! So we went to this pawn shop and picked out some nice bikes, then the manager or whoever worked out a deal with the fellowshipper later, then we went back the next day and picked them up. ONE of the many amazing things about this is that the seat on this "new" bike is MEMORY FOAM, and is SO much bigger than the old bike. So the first few days on the old bikes, my butt was SO sore. Then I got this other one, and it's like sitting on a cloud. It's like it's not even real. I LOVE EVERYTHING!

Now let me tell you something sad.

I HATE THE WHOLE EARTH. The binder of my sheet music that mom sent me for my birthday... I can't find it. I KNOW it's in Orem, but I don't know where. I must have left it at the church building and somebody moved it. DON'T MOVE THINGS IF THEY'RE NOT YOURS. But also... DON'T LEAVE YOUR THINGS IN CHURCH BUILDINGS... <---- I need to learn that one. Haha But that means that my recital songs from eons ago, and other songs I will never find anywhere else... I WILL NEVER GET BACK. It's like someone went into my life movie and deleted my childhood... Uhhhg. Life is hard.

Saturday morning. Let me tell you what happened Saturday morning. My landlady turned on Josh Groban cd and BLASTED it. LOOUUUDDDDD. And downstairs we can hear everything (igual for her, she can hear us from the basement), so mientras I was doing personal study, I was also reliving that year when Courtney, Sara and I woke up at 5:30 every morning and went to the YMCA to work out. We would listen to that cd on the way there. REMEMBERS! :)

Oh yeah, once upon a time I saw Flo and Sergio Krasno. I WAS SO EXCITED! We are having dinner with them and the Keele's tonight. I'M SO HAPPY. I love them. I finally met Sergio, so I only have the boys and Vero to meet, and I know the whole family! Well, I haven't met Ma, or any of the in-laws... I'LL JUST HAVE TO GO TO ARGENTINA! :D

HOW ABOU THAT WOMEN'S CONFERENCE THOUGH?! I was crying like a baby THE WHOLE TIME. The whole thing was just INCREDIBLE. And 100% TO THE T, exactly what I needed to hear. Man, people are inspired sometimes!

We went to the temple on Thursday... Man I love it! I always feel so much better after going to the temple. I hope I always live near a temple.

I read "More Than Conquerors through Him That Loved Us" from General Conference of 2011. MIND=BLOWN. Remember how people are inspired? This guy was MEGA inspired. A lot. Home smokes, this talk changed my whole brain. I SUGGEST YOU READ IT. All of you, fellow earthlings. You will be glad you did.

I am currently learning 4 songs on the piano because of all of the special musical numbers, Easter, and everything that is happening. Baptism, Stake Conference... TA LOCA, ETA VIDA, I tell you... Sorry. That was my Dominican accent. I miss Hna Morla. Hahahaha But anyway... Here's another shout out to Sister Shirley... I still remember all of that D.C. al coda stuff, which is revealing itself as SUPER useful in life... THANK YOU! :)

Pero anyhow, I loff you all. DON'T FORGET TO PRAY AND STUFF!

Be good, and remember who you are and what you stand for! :)

Hna Willis

SPRING! I'm in Cherry Hills, Orem. You know why they call it Cherry Hills?! GUESS!!

This seat... YES! Hahah

MI FAMILIA! Me and the Krasno's. I LOVE THEM! :D

Engaged... UVU... It's funny because it's Utah!

One time, we were walking in a hail storm. It was pretty cool. (Companion is wearing the helmet because she wanted to... We weren't on bikes, we were really walking. Haha)

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