Sunday, April 27, 2014


So here's the thing. I've always loved Easter, and I've always thought I had a good understanding of the resurrection and the meaning of Easter, but whoa. This Easter I've come to understand the atonement, the resurrection, and really REALLY understand and KNOW Jesus Christ. It's CRAZY. I posted something on FB about it. It's amazing. Have y'all seen the Because of Him video? I'm obsessed with it.

HEY DAD! YOUR BIRTHDAY IS SOON! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was talking to someone about their relationship with their parents, and I was just SO happy because I've almost always agreed with you and mom, and I feel like y'all are literally my best friends. I LOVE YOU!

I've come out of the closet recently... I was never really in a closet about it, but I'm accepting the name that comes with the thing... I am... a... TREE HUGGER. I just love this planet so much, so tomorrow... HAPPY EARTH DAAAAAYYY!! Go recycle something for me! (We don't have a recycling bin, and it hurts my heart.) Speaking of living things... Mommy... how's my avocado plant? Is it dead?? :(

I've had dreams about washing dishes, recycling, and our new vacuum. WE GOT A NEW VACUUM!! Holy smokes, IT IS AMAZING. Anyway... I'm weird.

Here's three things I miss:
-Fox news (My landlady watches it every night)
-Pinterest (My tree-hugger part of me wants to find eco-friendly ways to do everything I normally do here in the mission, but it'll have to wait another 9 months)
-JESSICA WILLIS. So you sure know how to make a person trunky! Hahaha Just kidding, mostly. You posted that little 1D picture on FB and I almost died. I WANT TO GO COUPONING WITH YOU FIRST THING WHEN I GET HOME, YOU HEAR? And baby clothes shopping, and thrifting. Ok? Ok.

You know someting cute about Utah? Orem, especially? The "community" activities. So this stake is literally not even as big as our ward boundaries. It's literally not even 6 square blocks. I kind of feel claustrophobic here, but it's ok. I think it's the lack of car, but it's not too bad. Hahah

Easter! I endured the two piano pieces I had for our Easter program (WHICH WAS AMAZING), and right when I was in the middle of a sigh of relief, the Elders Quorum president comes up to us, and tells us he wants to do a musical number for Mother's Day... SERIOUSLY? I LOVE being able to play the piano, and I love learning new songs, but if I'm being 100% honest, I DO NOT like to preform. So after the musical program in March, I was so excited to be done with music for a little while. Then we started preparing for Easter, of course. And RIGHT after the Easter program, when I was SURE I was done with music for now, we're starting on something new. I'm going to play the piano, and my companion's going to lead them and organize the musical number. Holy cow, I've never done so much music in my life. I love music, but I think after Mother's Day, I'll be just about burnt out.

OH, HECK YEAH! Mother's Day is in THREE WEEKS!! Do you know what that means?! YOU HAVE TO TALK TO MEEEE!! I can't wait.

OH YEAH! I never told you about this! A couple weeks ago the mission announced that we are now allowed to go to some other temples out of the mission. If there's a family member receiving a living ordinance, or a recent convert or less active we were working with going to the temple either in Utah or Salt Lake county (or the Manti temple) we can go with them, with permission from President McCune. LOCO CRAZY, RIGHT?! We don't have anybody going to the temple too soon, but whenever we do go to an outside mission temple, I'll take a bunch of pictures :)

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something, but that's ok. I LOVE YOU ALL, A WHOLE BUNCH.

Hna Willis

P.s. This "Spring" thing is beautiful. TULIPS EVERYWHERE! Florida should try it sometime :)

I love James C. Christiansen, so when I saw this notebook I was so sad about being broke :( Then my tax return came in! Woot woot! I don't think I'm going to buy it, but I like not feeling poor :)

Still obsessed...


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