Friday, March 7, 2014

Transfers: when the heart of Hermana Elisabeth Willis is forcefully removed from her being in a physical and emotion sense.

Email #1: Sorry, was that too dramatic? Well... LET ME TELL YOU. The two stakes Hermana Morla and I cover are going to be the other sisters' area, and Morla and I are BOTH leaving. I literally want to go back to sleep and die... Is that normal? I'm not being overly dramatic, right? Well, we have to pass all of our investigators over to the other sisters, and get the freak out of our apartment. BAH. I love this area and this ward so much, and we have baptisms coming up. I can't wait to come back for these baptisms. That's the only little spark of light I have right now... BAH. So just like it happened last time I was transferred, my brain won't think about anything else, and I'm a zombie... Hmm. I don't like this.

Last time I went to the temple, Adam and Morganne were going in when I was coming out. I didn't get to see them, but they saw some of the sisters in my district.

Ummmm.... what else... Oh! The package. It was amazing. I loved it. Aaaand I'm still sad though.

Also, I saw that John Gullet passed away. I literally almost cried when I read that. PLEASE tell every member of that family that I love them, and they are in my prayers.

I love you all! Say a prayer for me... because... I'm havin' a hard time with this whole transfer thing. Meh.


Hermana Willis

Email #2: Debby Downer---->Soy yo


I LOVE Spanish Fork, and I am so grateful that I was able to serve here, even though it was only for 3 months. I've grown A LOT here, and yesterday I even felt really really confident in my Spanish (which doesn't happen)! This last week here has been amazing. We saw MIRACLES yesterday. So many! The whole zone was fasting for the area, and by the end of the night, we had 3 new investigators JUST YESTERDAY!! Our goal for the week was 2, but by the end of the week we had 4!! We've met 2 less actives in restaurants this week, both of them wanting to come back to the church. We have two investigators on date for baptism, potentially two more, and things were changing in the ward. Everything in this area is looking up, even if I don't get to look up with it! WHICH IS STILL GOOD. This ward doesn't need me. The Lord knows what He's doing. I just need to not be selfish and think about what I want. I often do... But if I got what I wanted all the time, I wouldn't have come to Spanish Fork in the first place! I'd probably still be in Eagle Mountain. So I know Heavenly Father knows what He's doing. It's just hard for me to see it when all I see is now, and He sees all.

Man, mortal life is hard :\

Mom and dad, thank you for being the best parents ever! The mission is teaching me that change is inevitable, but my family is always my family, no matter how many times I get transferred from the places I love A LOT. Now if you remember me at all, I get attached to places and people REALLY easily, so just add a missionary tag and mantle to that (added measure of charity, being able to love people like Christ loves them), put me in a place where I work closely with these people for THREE months, and then make me leave REAL QUICK. It's just super hard. But I'm sure I'll love my next area almost as much as I love Spanish Fork :)

Thank you all for being the best people on the planet :) :)

I love you all so much!!

Hermana Willis

Birthday package!! I loved it. A LOT!

I'm going to miss this view. Bahhhhh :'(

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