Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two week update? AY MI MADRE...

Ok. Last week... LET ME EXPLAIN!!

We had a mandatory deep cleaning, so we had NO time to do emails. OUR HOUSE IS IMPECCABLE. It looks dang good. I love cleaning... Dad you would be so proud! Hahah Every time I make my bed, fold my clothes, or scrub the toilet I think of you :) I just love things being clean!! :)

So... I've never been sick so many times IN MY LIFE. I think I get sick about twice a transfer. I said that to my compi and she went "Pshh!! More like once a week!" :( So I hadn't been sleeping for like a week. I would wake up 5-6 times, normally wake up around 4:30 and stay awake until the alarm went off. It made for really grumpy mornings, and me falling asleep in lessons. I got a blessing from one of the ZL's, then things started getting a little better. Then we went to the temple. I don't know what happened, but we came home and I couldn't function. I could hardly walk up the stairs. I had a mad fever, and didn't want to eat a thing. We went to an appointment I think, then I asked my compi if I could take a short nap. I did, but before I knew it, I was waking up at 6pm. The ZL's came and brought me a one NyQuil pill (because the rest of them were gone, and he only had half a set). I took it before bed, and still couldn't sleep. Maybe it only has the right effect when it's two or more pills... But yes. I get sick ALL THE TIME. You know how I would only get sick to the point of sleeping all day like... once a year. Or maybe my memory is skewed... But I remember never getting unfunctionally sick hardly ever. Now? Every other week? Bah! I hate it.

OH! My juicer died. x( So I went a week without a juicer (the week before I got sick). I survived, but my companion was asking EVERYBODY if they knew anyone who had one they could spare. A woman who works in the mission office wanted to help, but knew nothing about juicers, so she BOUGHT me juice! She's my angel straight from heaven! THEN, my perfect, amazing, awesome, Argentine grandmother, when she found out I needed one, said "Oh! Te presto el mio!" She told me she never uses it (it's a BOSS!!), and she'll let me carry it with me through the mission, but she needs it back before I go home. I nearly cried. THIS WOMAN IS AWESOME! But I think I'm just going to give it back when I leave SF. I wouldn't want to break it :( But hey... a good birthday gift? It's at Costco. I'll have to remember what it's called... Hahaha Just kidding ;)

I STILL HATE BREAKFAST THOUGH. And when I don't eat breakfast, I don't eat lunch either. Just because at that point, I don't like food. Haha I didn't have time to eat yesterday morning, and I went through church like a zombie. Nearly passed out. Yay. Hahaha But we got to dinner, and I was happy :)

Oh yeah, Steph bought us a scale!! I LOVE HER. Guess who's almost 20 lbs lighter than she was the day before she reported to the MTC? I AM! Daaaaang.

OOOH YEAH!! GUESS WHAT! We went to Elberta with the ward to do service at the church's dairy farm. IT STINKS THERE :) It was awesome. Cows. Cows everywhere :} I was under dressed, so I was freezing, BUT I LOVED IT. I had to wash my clothes twice to get the smell out, and I think I'm going to burn my shoes :) :) Pictures to come!! (Also, that's where Jerusalem is! :)

Also, I've found a love for stick figures... I'll explain through pictures.

I'm freaking out! MY FIRST BAPTISM! And guess when it is! MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!! I'm so excited! And we have a lot more coming up, too. But ON MY BIRTHDAY?! Heavenly Father is so cool! There are a lot of changes happening in the ward, and I'm so excited to see how things happen from there. I'm so excited for all of these people progressing though!

My compi and I are going to try to write letters today, so hopefully I can respond to AAAALLL of the many people who write me. Hahaha I love you all :) :)

Seriously though, I love you all so much. STAY WONDERFUL! :)

Hermana Willis

This is the thank you card I made for the brother who took us to Elberta with the ward. As illustrated, this is Elberta. They have abandoned mines, bottomless pits, abandoned butcher shops, AND JERUSALEM! :) All of which, we were not able to see. He didn't really say "shut up." We were just complaining more than necessary, so I figured he was thinking it :) Hahaha

COW! <3 They kept getting stuck, so while this one was stuck, we stole that chance to take a picture with it :)

Sister Mabey bought me juice! AND IT'S MY FAVORITE! Odwalla! I wrote her a stick figure thank you card, don't worry :)

I made my companion do my hair as if I had black person hair. I've never felt so free!!

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