Saturday, February 1, 2014


SO HI... MY MISSION IS ONE THIRD OVER. Why? Because Heavenly Father likes to his the fast forward button sometimes :)

Dad, can you tell me the same thing you told Luke? TELL ME TO BE AN ARGENTINE!! Tell me I can't speak English anymore! I want to be Argentine SO bad. Half of our ward is Argentine, and I just want to drink mate with them all day.

I don't really have much to report this week... Or pictures. It's been a weird week. It's been good, but just weird. Haha

My companion is my favorite person. I'm go glad we got to stay together this transfer. She just got her "trunky papers" meaning she got her travel information because she's going to leave in 4 months. When she goes home, I will only have 7 months left. Three months later, I'LL BE GETTING MY TRUNKY PAPERS. Why?! Holy smokes, this is wild.

But I finally feel like I know what I'm doing, and I like it :) I enjoy being a missionary now! And I don't get homesick... EVER. I was looking at the family picture we took on Christmas while my compi was in the shower, but I just looked at it and felt HAPPY. I do miss you, but it doesn't occupy my mind. I looked at the faces of everybody in the picture and remembered how they were when I left, and how I'm told they are now. I thought back and just felt glad I have the family I do. I miss each and every member of my family. But it's more like an appreciation. I just love you all. Don't you ever forget it!

And dad?
Stay corporate :)


Hermana Willis

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