Saturday, February 8, 2014

13 years!!!!!

Oy!!! Guess what I realized!! On March 8th this year, I will have been baptized for 13 years!! Whaaat?! So cool! Do we have a picture with me and dad at my baptism? Can somebody email it to me? I would like it... :) Also, I'm almost 21! Woooooot!!

Hey, so we teach somebody in the house of a member of the bishopbric (for fellowshipping reasons), and they're HUGE in hunting. So I decided I wanted to kiss one of the elk they have on their walls. They hunted and harvested all of the animals they have in their living room. IT'S INCREDIBLE.

We've got 3 people on date for baptism this month! I'm SO excited. And it looks like most of them will happen the day before my birthday!! :D It's so cool to see people progress all the way to baptism.

Last Monday night, we encountered the most magical thing I've ever known. Waffle Love. It's a food truck that sells waffles. It sounds silly, but WHAT?! They're delicious. A lot. It goes all around Utah County, so we were lucky to find it when we did. Also... Missionaries eat free?! We asked the price and he said "Well, the price of it is $8, but you don't have to pay. The owner served in El Paso, TX and won't let missionaries pay." WORD!

So... there's been a bit of crime going on in SF. IT FEELS LIKE JACKSONVILLE. There was a man who shot his family, then himself. Then there was a police officer who was shot and killed. So unfortunately, the ghetto criminals are following me even to Utah. Spanish Fork has had a couple tragedies in the past month, so keep the people here in your prayers, please :\

OH YEAH... So did it snow in Jacksonville? I know it did in Miami... And guess what! On that day, IT WAS RAINING HERE >:( What?! I've been praying for snow in Florida for more than 10 years, and it finally happens when I'm in Utah, where it's only RAINING. Oh my lanta...

What area is Luke in? The parents of one of our WML's lives in Cordoba, working on the temple, I think. Luke, keep an eye out for the Rowley's! They're cool :) Also Luke, I've been practicing my handstands too... But I have to use a wall. And I can't actually do it that well. That's just because my upper body and core strength is LAAAME. I put shame to the name Willis with my physical weakness... Baaaahhh :(

Oh yeah! So we had dinner at Amanda and Steve Orrock's house. I LOVE THEM!! So before we left, I told her to let us know if we can help her with anything, pre or post baby. So the next day, what do I see on FB? A BORN BABY! That was crazy. Hahaha

We're on a roll! Meeting our goals again, AND exceeding in some! WOOT WOOT.

I have a lot of pictures for you, but we're about to run to the store. I'll be back and send you a lot of picture :) :)

I love you sooooo so so so much. Y'all are the best fambly in the world :)

Hermana Willis

Kissin an elk!

Me at Amanda's house :)


This is what we do when my compi is sick. Watch WAAAY CHEESY Seminary movies and eat chocolate... :)

This is the truck of magic.

Waffle Love... Strawberries and Nutella on a Belgian waffle. O.o

This is the home of the officer who was shot and killed :(

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