Saturday, January 25, 2014

NO TRANSFERS HERE TONIGHT! Nonono transfers here tonight...

OYE PAPIIIII!!!! Guess WHAT! So you know how my companion and I are like... best friends? Well, we were SURE it was too good to last, so we were preparing to be split. FALSE! We have AT LEAST ONE MORE TOGETHER!! Do you know what this means?!? I'LL BE WITH HER FOR MY BIRTHDAY!! And this will be even better than the last! I know I went to a Scottish Highland Games Festival AND the Russian Ballet, but I'm pretty sure being a missionary with one of your best friends is better. WORD.

In other news, WE HAVE TWO PEOPLE ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!! One of these is a 9 year old girl. I'm her biggest fan. She is SO cute. And she loves us so much! :) She'll be baptized February 7th. AN EARLY BIRTHDAY PRESENT. Also, we're teaching this super cool guy who came up to US and asked us to teach him and wants to get baptized. AAAAND HE IS 100% READY. Done. Awesome. We've seen like 9 trillion miracles this week. We ALMOST MADE ALL OF OUR WEEKLY GOALS THIS WEEK!! :) I'm so darn giddy right now.

Hey dad, just so you know... there's an Elder here and we call him "corporate." He's just a boss. We were discussing "corporate-ness," and everything we said... WAS YOU. And they all tell me how they see "corporate" characteristics in me. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I was walking to the car in a blazer, holding an iPad, talking to a potential investigator on the iPhone, and I put on my big New York looking coat. I walked back to the missionaries, and they were all just like "...that was so corporate!!" Bahahahaha! Corporateness is my favorite thing, so when you email me things about your huge deals closing and talking with attorneys, it just makes my day <3 :)

So I love my companion, I love my area, I love our investigators and people we work with, I'm beginning to love the ward, and I'm just TERRIFIED of what Heavenly Father is preparing me for... He's giving me the best companions and areas... He's going to wake me up soon, I JUST KNOW IT!! But I'll be fine. I CAN DO IT. I. AM. WILLIS!

Remember the first little while of my mission when I was a cry baby about everything? Yeah, I'm so happy right now. Just real genuine happy. THAT'S GOOD. I hope I'm past all my cry baby days and I'm not just happy because of my awesome surroundings, but when things get rough, I'll still be able to be happy... YEAH.

We've had a lot of success this week. LET'S CARRY IT OVER INTO THE NEXT TRANSFER! Y'all are awesome. I was talking about y'all to my compi and she thinks y'all are the coolest. Which is true!! :) We were listening to a John Bytheway talk (Tour de Family, o algo asi), and Bytheway said something about how your siblings should be your best friends, and your mom and dad also. I thought about it and thought "Dang. Mom and dad done good! THEY ARE MY BEST FRIENDS." So whenever you think you've failed in ANY aspect, just remember you raised your family right. I shared a spiritual thought with a woman who is having a hard time with her family, and it was Proverbs 31:10, 28. I love her so much, and I was able to share with her some struggles we've had, but there's never been anything too great to tear down our family. Mom, if you're crying, SUCCESSSSS :) I just love you all A LOT. I always loved you before, and recognized that, but I think I appreciate you all so much more now that I don't have access to you all, all the time.

So I will send you pictures now. I love you all a looooooot.

Hermana Willis

My favorite Mexican Sanchez explaining to us that Pbaum (pronounced "pee-oom") is a word. We still don't know what it means, but we say it all the time :)

HARDLY TWO DAY OLD BABY HORSE AND THE MOMMA. I LOVE HORSES. We teach a family who lives on a horse farm. Every time we come, I always talk to the horses <3

The sisters heart attacked our car. I LOVE THEM!!!

UTAH. GoodNESS, this is awesome. I hope this isn't against some law... BUT LOOK! There's a bulletin board DESIGNATED just for wedding announcements. Boooooom

Mi compi makes me platanoooossss!!! :D

DESAYUNO DE CAMPEONEEEEES!!!! Tostadas con aguacate, platanos, y JUUUUGOOOO!! That was my greenest juice yet, and it was HEAVEN :) Thanks again (a thousand times) for the juicer. It makes me whole :)

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