Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy new year!!


So guess what. I had a major breakdown (Courtney, if while you read that you saluted while saying "Major Breakdown" I will give you a kiss RIGHT on your forehead when I get home<----HIMYM) because I stink at everything. We went to a lesson and we were going to teach Plan of Salvation. I was going to start the lesson, so basically all I said was "Antes de esta vida, viviamos como espiritus con nuestro Padre Celestial..." Then I repeated myself, and paused... then said "Hermana, necesito ayuda..." My mind stopped working aaand I couldn't do anything. So I let my companion and the fellowshipper teach the rest of the lesson while I nodded my head and smiled while inwardly beating the snot out of myself for straight up FAILING. So after that I felt like the worst kind of pond scum for about two days. I don't remember what happened, but something I read or heard turned me right around and I've been pretty much better.

So can I tell you something? Remember how I said I'm not good at anything in the first paragraph? Weeeelllll ----> My companion thinks I'm the coolest person in the world. Even when I don't feel like dirt, she makes me feel better anyway! She told me I look like I own New York (that's one of my favorites), that I AM Tina Fey like... every day (as in we have the same identity), that I'm probably the most beautiful person on the planet, that I could run for president (and I would win because I'm Tina Fey and I have glasses), that if I made my own church she would probably join my church, aaaaand basically every day I feel so GOOD about myself! So I don't know if I'm going to be super confident by the end of this transfer, oooorrrr prideful. Hopefully NOT the second!!

There are a lot of baptisms coming up! We've got 3 kids we're teaching (all separate families, not together) and the one who I failed in teaching the PoS to, who are all praying about dates for baptism. Woot woot! THAT'S 4 PEOPLE. I could just die of happy. I'm still adjusting to the area and learning to love it. I miss Eagle Mountain EVERYDAY still, buuut I'm not letting it occupy my brain all the time.

Being out on a mission, I've realized how much I LOVE service. Like the nitty gritty stuff and the really sincere life changingly personal stuff. I always knew I did, but I just want to serve everyone EVERYWHERE right now. Aaaand in my next life (post mission life) I really want to save a lot of money so I can go on a trip with Operation Smile somewhere (preferably Jordan<---middle east). Because... I WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD SO BAD... I just want to own my own non-profit so I can help everyone everywhere. So I'm going to have to be rich so I can do this.

Also, I know I requested a Bad Duck hoodie for my birthday but I changed my mind. If you want to send me one still, I won't complain! I want to represent Harkers Island everywhere I go! But if you want to choose between one or the other, choose this upcoming one! So here it is---> Will my family please pitch in and donate to Operation Smile? Because I feel like my heart belongs to that organization. I don't know if I ever told anyone, but one year around Christmas time I was debating paying my phone bill or donating to OS. I chose my phone bill, and it's kind of haunted me for a long time. Soooo, please save a child's smile and future for me while I'm out here saving souls. It would mean a lot for my little ice cold Grinchy heart :}

YO! I AM GOING CRAZY!! So go listen to The Piano Guys' song Cello Song and tell me what the real name of the song it. Because I'm going to lose my brain. Also, I miss William Joseph SO MUCH. And Jon Schmidt. I just want to listen the heck out of some instrumental music, sooooo yeah. Will someone send me copies of that goodness?

Hey dad... PROUD DAD MOMENT! I miss having clean things SO BAD! I cleaned the heck out of our apartment, our fridge, the kitchen, and I just felt SO GOOD. I feel less stressed when things are clean. I'm finally getting around to unpacking, and I'm buying hangers today too, and seeing all of my clothes folded in drawers was just SO RELIEVING. I miss having the option of being clean (even if I didn't choose it back home... Remember my clothes in a pile by my bed? Yeah, never happening again.) Now I have to wait for once a week to clean... Bah!

Also, I don't have a picture, but our ward mission leader got me a watch! Well, he got one for all of us Spanish sisters in Spanish Fork, but I love mine! Did you know that I'm becoming obsessed with watches? Because I can't stop loving them. Except for the ones with a plastic band... I can't stand those. Leather or metal... Otherwise I'm not a fan. So if anyone wants to get me a watch for my birthday... make sure it has a humongous face, because the bigger the face of the watch, the more I love it. Just saying... Dang, I sound so high maintenance! Make me stop!! x( But he bought me a watch! I love it so much. I think I told him thank you 11 million times. Seriously, it's beautiful.

OH YEAH! And did you know there's a Hindu temple in Salem where they do yoga classes? Because if I wasn't a missionary, I would attend the heck out of those! Also, I feel like I'm getting MEGA fat, so Hna Morla and I are going to start running <---IN THE COLD! So yes. I am excited :)

Anyhow, I love you all a lot a lot! SO MUCH! Aaaaand I loved seeing all of your faces :)

Hermana Willis

Welcome to Utah, where there's a Mormon Doctrine section in the public library... xD

This... is homemade fried chicken, mac&cheese, and hash browns. Can somebody pinch me? All I want is Brunswick stew, but this will have to satisfy my southern cravings.

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