Saturday, January 11, 2014


Sorry for the really stupid title. I'm running out of tiiiimee!!

STORY TIME! Last night, we went to this house where we'd been trying to contact a family for like this whole transfer. Aaaand we finally contacted them! They're a family of 4 aaaand they're AMAZING. We're going to start teaching them this week. AWESOME.

I got a juicer! I was expecting the white juicer from Courtney, but I GOT THE BLAAACK ONE!! And we went running this morning, AND I made juice. HOLLA!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDIA!! I can't believe I forgot to saaayyy that in my last email! x(

Also, we've been teaching my companion's brothers over skype, and it's the coolest thing of my life.

I'm way short on time, so let me explain my week through photo.

New Years Eve in the mission office, right before they closed. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Hahaha

I SAW TREVOR RIGGS! He served in our ward for 3 weeks, in Palatka for a minute, and in NORMANDY for a long time<--- He knows grandmother and granddaddy :) So We went to a baptism, and we were both like "OH MY GOSH, DO YOU REMEMBER ME?!" So naturally, we took a picture. SO COOL.

These are the best sister missionaries I have ever known in MY LIFE. I love them a whole dang lot!! :) Pacific Islander, Mexican, Dominican, AND WHITE GIRL. I love them :)


The juicer got so excited, it peed apple juice :(

JUUIIIICCCEEEE!!! I feel like myself today! :)

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