Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Transfers: The Week After

HI. HOLY CANOLI I miss Eagle Mountain SO MUCH. Like, it's heartwrenching just thinking about the people there being taught by other missionaries, and other missionaries spending time with MY missionaries in the family history center. Hermana Cordova called me today to spill her guts about things that are going on in the area and she said people are always like "Hermana Willis this..." "Remember when Hermana Willis..." "I wonder about Hermana Willis..." Bahahaha IS IT DUMB THAT THAT MAKES ME HAPPY?! Because by golly it does :)

So at the transfer meeting, I WAS A BABY. All that day I was crying. Then, the trainers meeting was about to end and we were about to meet in the chapel and find out where we were going. So I sat next to Elder Straub (Elder Stevenson's trainee from last transfer---> basically my little brother/best friend in the whole world). We were in there singing Christmas carols as we waited for President and the trainers/trainees to come in aaaand I got REALLY NERVOUS. I was shaking like CRAZY. So Elder Straub was trying to make me feel better, which made it worse... hahaha I started BAWLING. And Elder Straub being right there wasn't helping because we were BOTH being transferred, which was like tearing my whole heart out. HE'S LIKE MY BABY BROTHER!! We were planning a big birthday thing for him, AND he had a baptism coming up. SO WE WERE ALL DEVASTATED.

Soooo they start with the Eastern Utah zone, which is Vernal (which basically means you are never coming back to mainland Utah until you get transferred here later on). So Elder Stevenson turns around and looks at Elder Straub like "This is you!" Which makes me cry even worse, then they freaking say Elder Straub's name, MEANING HE REALLY IS GOING TO VERNAL. So I about died of crying. And the way transfers are now, once your zone is done you LEAVE. So I didn't even get to say goodbye to him or Elder Stevenson, and they're like my best friends in the whole world so... I was crying all day. I got to say goodbye to Hermana Cordova... which was really just me crying all over her shoulders while the rest of my old zone was trying to leave. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. Ever. And I still miss them. Every. Single. Day. But I live on...

So I'm sitting there in the chapel with a couple other sisters I know, and I was one of the VERY LAST ONES to get my transfer information. So I was just sitting there, heart dropping with every name that's called... Then I realize there's only two more Spanish sisters waiting on their companion. Myself... and HERMANA ANA MORLA. She's from Miami and she knows all of my Miami friends, and I love her so much. So I'm in Spanish Fork with Hna. Morla.

I know y'all keep telling me Heavenly Father's trying to prepare me for companions I won't get along with, but I'm going on 6 months and I've loved every companion... But He REALLY DOES know my needs. I needed to come to Spanish Fork, and He KNEW I would not be able to FUNCTION leaving my first area without Hna Morla as my companion. So I'm doing ok. I still get really really sad and nostalgic... daily... and I may have cried a little bit writing about the transfer... but we stay busy so I don't think about it TOO often. I only cried myself to sleep the first two nights, and I was only on and off with tears for three days :) I think I'll be ok :)

I went to a DOCTOR TODAY! Hermana Morla was like "Yo, if you're dying, call Sister McCune... right now..." So the mission doctor was doing a little clinic at the mission office today and sister McCune askedme to come. We just did a little physical and he said I was ok, but he wants to check my glucose levels. So I'm going back to Provo tomorrow night to do a blood test. Worst case scenario, I'm actually diagnosed with hypoglycemia. So I'm ok and will live on. Hoorah! :) They just said I have to eat... ALL THE TIME. Which makes me want to die, because you know how I DESPISE eating. So I don't know what I'm going to do since I'm broke (because I spent all of my money the first week buying healthy food... xD)

P.s. I do have a cold, so I'm being a baby about that... Hahaha I keep sneezing! I NEVER SNEEZE! This is like a whole new me...

What else is there... Hmmm... WE GOT STUCK IN THE SNOW! Well... We kind of drove into a snow-filled ditch... We were trying to do a U-turn and... what looked like snow covered solid ground was actually 3 FEET OF SNOW. Oops. I'm not driving, so we're all good :) Hahah So we called our zone leaders (who are THE BOMB) and they helped us dig the snow and push it out. Also there were a couple good Samaritans who helped :)

Some guy asked us where we were from this morning and when I said Jacksonville FL he said "So are you a Gator or a Seminole?" So I proudly stated "Seminole!" and he started talking about how they're like 100% the best team in the world right now, undefeated, going to win the World Cup (<----just kidding), and his wife was like "You can''t be telling her things like that..." But it made me really happy :)

Did I tell you about my cat blanket? Well, there was a blanket at Walmart that had an eagle, a mountain, and water on it (<---in picture form) so I wanted it real bad. My first area was Eagle Mountain, and our zone was Mountain Springs zone... SO I BOUGHT IT... I got into the car and was SO excited and cold, so I tore it open and opened it up... IT'S CATS. The wrapper on the outside had the eagle picture, but it was... in fact... 4 cats. So I thought it was the funniest thing in the world so I kept it. I named the cats Jay Z, Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Blue Ivy... Don't mock me.

OH YEAH, I lost my camera! We went sledding last P-day. It was my first time :) I took a lot of pictures, and I was super excited about it and whatnot. Then Hno Arcia (the one who called dad) took us all (my district) out for hot chocolate <----He's the bomb! Then we left. I KNEW I had my camera when we left, but after that I couldn't remember where it was. Then I got a picture with Sister Johnson (the one whose parents were introduced to the gospel by grandma and grandpa!) and I still didn't know where it was. So I gave up. I went to Spanish Fork relying solely on my iPad for picture taking purposes... aaand I got an email from some random guy in Eagle Mountain telling me he found my camera! How he figured out my email is beyond me, but boy I'm glad he did! So my camera is on it's way back to meeee! :) If it was me I would be taking a ton of selfies on it before I gave it back to the owner... so they always remember me :)

I think that's about it... I'm finally writing normally now <---A NOVEL... I get it from Courtney... ;)

So I love you all a whole lot! The story about Tanner literally made me laugh out loud like... 6 times... I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Anyway, loves and hearts to the max!

Hermana Willis :)

Sister Johnson! I love how small the world is in the church :)

This puppy was IN LOVE with me. Did you know that German shepherds were my favorite dogs ever? Other than Boston terriers? <3

The Arcia family. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

Jessica Epperson sent me another letter ALL decked out in One Direction. She knows me :)

Elder Stevenson and Elder Straub. We bought them $1 singing Christmas ties at the Dollar Store. BAH, I just love this They were pretending to be all GQ... Hahahahaha! xD

Don't mind how AWFULLY tearful I look... This is the branch president's family, and I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. So much. I cried the hardest when I said goodbye to them. Those kids are like my heart and soul.

Me, creeping with the Barney kids. I LOVE THEM :)

The Johnson's! My landlord's son's family. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! This picture is missing a baby, btw.

My landlord's daughter's family, the Barney's. And BY GOLLY, do I love them! So much. I'm going to miss them all! ESPECIALLY YOU, STEVEN! <---it's funny because his name isn't Steven, it's Spencer... I just call him Steven sometimes :)

At the transfer meeting, being stupid so I don't cry. They were doing the Barney Stinson look. Hahahaha!

A Tardis door... Who almost died? I DID! <3

Studying with Sasha Fierce :)

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