Saturday, December 7, 2013


So hi... I'm going to share with you a fun fact: I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. Dad, Hermano Arcia called you the day before Thanksgiving, right? And then Adam? ALSO, MAX ARCIA'S SON, AMMON, SERVED WITH ADAM. It's such a tiny world!! I love that family. They're the best. We helped them put their Christmas lights up. Then we went in for pie. It was so fun :)

So we're going to English wards, and it was fast and testimony meeting. GUESS WHAT THIS KID SAID. This tiny little boy went up to the pulpit, adjusted it like he owned the place, and said "So, I got a little bit from Genesis... soooo you might want to listen..." I ALMOST DIED. Oh my gosh. It was so funny. xD

Another fun fact: You know the guy who translates Spanish for the church, like for General Conference and whatnot? HE'S IN OUR BRANCH. And he's our gospel principles teacher, and I just feel like I'm around a celebrity. He sounds so cool!! Haha :)

Umm... Other than that, we went to the temple and I got Chick-Fil-A :) That always makes for a good day :)

OH YEAH! Our AMAZING landlord's got us a tiny Christmas tree, AND a nativity scene! Pictures to coooome! :)

I missed you all a whole lot on Thanksgiving. And on Wednesday, I was thinking "WHO'S HELPING MOM?!" I felt so bad... hahaha But it all turned out ok, so that's good :)

Loves and hearts!!

Hermana Willis

Me and my favorite hair stylist ever! I love her :)

I never knew how much I LOVED raking :)

Little baby Jesus :D

Our Christmas things, all beautiful :)

Me and our WML's kids. LOVE THEM.


JAMBA! Tradition :}

Elder Straub colored on my CFA cup. I told him I would never throw it away, buuuut after taking pictures, i threw it away. OOPS :) Hahaha

Straub is awesome. Right. xD

This is the beautiful work we did. I love it! :)

We found these glasses in the FHC, and I couldn't help but share :) :)

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