Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


This week was gooood :)

Ummm, we went to our relief society president's house for dinner on Thursday... aaaand she and her husband are from Cordova :) :) :) Soooooo I was in heaven. We had empanadas, aaaand guess what the desert was!! EMPANADAS! Pero guess what they were filled with... DULCE DE BATATA! I WAS OH, SO HAPPY. I was in heaven, because they were speaking to us in VOS. Oh my lanta, I was dying. I LOVE that family. They're so so so cool :)

So there's been this guy at church who we don't know, and so we finally went up to talk to him. It turns out, he's a less active that we've been meaning to contact, buuuut he did the work for us! Haha So he guessed Hna. Cordova was from California, then he gets to me... "Es de Canada?" "... -_- ...
No, soy de Florida... hahaha" Then he's all Naw, she looks JUST like a Canadian... Waaaaat? Why? DO I LOOK LIKE A CANADIAN?! I never thought so... People have thought I was Mexican before! I personally think I look more like an Argentine, but there are really white Mexicans, so whatever... Hahahah

We've been going to English wards in the morning (to be more involved with the members and get our names out there so people will tell us when they know Spanish speaking people) but really... I don't know how much more I can take. THERE ARE SO MANY BABIES. Literally, I can't handle it. I miss babies so so so much. Like, real bad. And all of the young couples? I die. But I learn more, so I guess it's ok :)

SO THANKSGIVING IS THIS WEEK! :) We're spending it with our landlords mostly (like my 2nd family, so I'm stoked :D), also one of our fellowshippers, which I'm also incredibly excited about! I'm so excited for it. I love Thanksgiving. Have fun camping for me! Smell the camp fire a lot for me! Be real cold in the tent! Stay up way late talking about skin walkers!! Lay down in the middle of the road and look at the stars! I miss youuuu!!!!

Also... what do I do if I spend $60 to send Sara a package and she still hasn't received it? I still have the customs form, but the receipt no. Sooo, I don't know.

Dear mom, thank you for teaching me to sew, because I've mended Elders' pants, sewed tears in their coats, fixed buttons (some of these poor kids don't even know how to sew a button...) hahaha So thank you for making me so prepared :) Hahaha

We're teaching more, being more focused, and I'm just real excited about it all :) Although I'm happy now, my body isn't getting that memo. I'm nauseous all the time, and I hate eating again... I've re-started the bad habit of not eating breakfast, because well... I hate it. And I feel so sick, I don't want to eat anything. I'm using my oils, taking a B complex, and a fish oil supplement (NuSkin Optimum Omega, if you want to look into what it is) but I just always feel sick. Hopefully it will pass like it did last time, but it is more severe and frequent than last time. I'm not exhausted like I have been, but I could probably sleep all day. My body just isn't liking this at all.

Well, I LOFF YOU ALL! A lot. I was talking to my comp about her little brother and we were just like "YEAH, ME TOO!" Because she has a little brother the age of Kaleb. Dang, I miss that little bugger! A bunch. But I also just miss you all in general :) And love you all a whole lot :)

Loves and hearts,

Hermana Willis

SNOW! It was snowing ALL DAY that day :)

All over our car. Or... just this side, because the wind was crazy!

Wavy hair, and A HAT! Oh yeah, don't forget, I'm dying my hair RED today :) :) :) :)

Dulce de batata :} Mmmmm!!

Empanadaaaas! They're so good. The meat is cooked with limon (cooked by acid, basically) then they baked them a little bit just for the bread part. LOVE THEM. Delish. Luke, YOU WILL HAVE THESE in Cordoba. Empanadas made asi are like a Cordoba thing. You lucky dog! :)

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