Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas song pet peeve...

"And so I'm offering this simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92..."

WAIT HOLD UP. What about the kids that haven't quite reached 1, and the 93 year olds?! NOT FAIR. Granted, babies won't know the difference, and 93 year olds probably won't either, but still... Can't we sing Christmas songs to people of ALL ages? Let's be real.

Anyway, sorry about that. This week has been weird. Oops, I meant good! Tehehe... Well all weeks are weird, because they all feel the same, but they're actually so different!!

MIRACLE! Or really... well, Heavenly Father had to tell us we were being real dumb. And He was VERY clear. We had had a meeting with our branch mission leader, and all of us agreed that we should focus on the less actives. So we decided to go out to the sheep farms (45 minutes away, down a long dirt road), and so we stopped to look at the horses and take some pictures (you know me). Then we get in and drive off and guess what! LOW TIRE PRESSURE! So I get out and see that the tire is a little flat. So we turn around and try to get to a paved road to change the tire (which, I'm ashamed to say, I didn't remember how to do :() but as we inched slowly to moderate-civilization, my companion said the wheel felt like it was tugging, so I went out to check the tire again, aaaand we were freaking riding the rim. OOPS. So, we had a tiny little baby jack that hardly did anything, we bent the side of the car because of this jack, and we ALMOST got the car up, then it fell of the jack. Oops... Then when we were trying to put it up again, this super kind old farmer man came to help us with the big huge jack that can hold 3 tons. So then we went to Lehi to get the tire repaired, but they GAVE US A NEW ONE. I love Utah :) And when I tried to go out there with Sister Hernandez, it was hailing and storming A LOT, and for fear of not getting stuck in the mud, couldn't go all the way. So, for now we're not going to try again :) Hahaha

Also... We went to Provo for a baptism (my companion's), and THERE ARE SO MANY ARGENTINES. I was in HEAVEN. I spoke to a guy who appeared to be straight American, but he was Argentine, and grew up in Rosario :) :) :) I love it.

Ummmm.... We're making some hefty, but inspired goals! And we're going to light this area on fire before Christmas. IT. WILL. HAPPEN.

We went to the temple, and my GOSH it was awesome. I sat with my companion, and she basically told me things that she'd learned and my brain was just like "Wow, where have you been this whole time? Sleeping?!" I love the temple.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!! I freaking love you, little brother!! :)

Umm.... We had a big mix-em-up with money last week. Our mission cards are going crazy and I didn't have money for groceries (I'd only had like $15), so Elder Stevenson paid for me, and I'm going to pay him back today. Sooo, I may not have enough money for winter shopping, because I have to pay him back, and buy groceries... But I'll be ok. NO worries :)

My companion and I have been running, and I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY about it. I miss running. And it may be 20 degrees and my chest kills me because of the cold air, but by golly, I love it :)

We also made a web of everything and everyone we're working with on the wall. I'll send you pictures :)

Soooooo, other than me still trying to get over the district split, I'm doing good. I'm really happy now :) We were at the house of our landlord's daughter and we were talking and we started talking about being sent where the Lord needs you, and Becky (Pres. Johnson's daughter ---> I LOVE HER) said "I'm so glad you were sent here. Whatever reason you came here for, I'm so glad you came here because I just love you." This family is like my family away from home. I love them so much. I'm so glad Heavenly Father thinks I'm strong enough to work in this area. Or rather... that He knows He can make me strong enough. Because me? BAH. I'm a baby. But I'm soooo in love with this place, and these people are like my heart and soul.

Anyhow, I love you all a whole lot. A LOT A LOT.

Now, I will bombard you all with pictures... LOVE YOU!! :)

Hermana Willis

SNOWING on Monday :)

Wall web :)


Our tire :}

Sitting outside of Big O' Tires, playing in leaves :)

Elder Stevenson drew himself on our car in dry erase marker... Sometimes we have dry erase marker wars. Hahaha

On our way to Provo for the baptism :)

A horse. We were walking home from church, and we went a different way, aaaaand HORSE. Always good :)

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