Saturday, November 23, 2013


Did I die? I sure did! Golly McGee, I was in heaven!! Let me show you pictures. Also, we had a booth and my BRILLIANT companion decided we were going to do a ad. LET ME SHOW YOU A PICTURE OF THAT, TOO. Because it's amazing.

We went to our landlord's church meetings yesterday, and it turned out to be the PRIMARY PROGRAM. So I was DYING. It was THE best primary program I've ever been to, hands down. I got reaaaallly baby sick, but that's ok. I'll have babies one day. Now, the best part. The kids were singing, and when the boys part came, the kids stopped and PRESIDENT JOHNSON (my landlord) hopped up out of the congregation and started singing it. I started bawling because it was just SO SWEET. So he went up, still singing, and did the accompaniment with the kids singing the other part. My heart almost exploded with how much I love that man and his family. I literally feel like I've been adopted into their family. I know all of their (7) kids, most of their grandkids, and I just love them all. I can't wait to come back and visit them. They're like home away from home.

Now, on to a SERIOUS note... Our landlord's daughter in law is a cosmetologist... aaaaand I love their family, so when we were over there for dinner (having SUSHI. Darn, I love them!) I asked her what she thought about me going red (dark dark brown red), and she said SHE WOULD DO IT FOR ME. She was going to do it today, but she had to order the color, so next week. BAH! I love them! Aaand I'm going to have red hair :) :) :) DON'T JUDGE ME! :)

It snowed again the other day! But it wasn't cold enough to stick, THANK GOODNESS. My companion is driving, but I'm still kind of afraid of the snow.

Also, my old ward mission leader saw me at the naciones thing, and he said "Hermana Willis! Estas mas delgada??" And then he proceeded to tell me that if the branch isn't feeding me (which they are), we can come to their house and he'll feed us. Hahahaha Yaaaayyy!!

I love all of youuuu! And I got an email from Luke, which made me DIE.

Also, Courtney and Sara make me so happy. I got a letter from Sara. A real life letter! Yaaaayyy!! :D

Not much happened this week, but... MORE EXCITING THINGS TO COME THOUGH :)

I LOFF YOU ALL! Pray that I stay here for Christmas!! :) I don't ever want to leave this area. It's still real slow, but I want to see it grooowww!! So pray with me :) Hahah

So love love love, and thanks for everything, y'all are the best in the world :)

At the thing, with our thing :)

Me with Argentina :) :)

Me and Leo, the cutest Argentine I've ever seen :)

With a snaaake :)

A HAT! I'm wearing hats because it's cold :) :)

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