Sunday, October 5, 2014

Aug 19th: Transfers - leaving edition

Transfers! I. Am. Out. WHAT?! Yes. I'm leaving this area. I've been
here 6 months, and I made someone cry when we told them... Dang it.
I'm pretty bummed, but at the same time excited for change. I really
do like change. It's hard, but it keeps things exciting! We'll see how
I survive... I really really love this area. I'm pretty sure when I
come back to Utah, I'll live here. I'll go to the Spanish Branch! I
love it here.

So our high counselor over missionary work said something in our stake
mission coordination meeting yesterday, and it was so cool. He said
"Finding is the key to retention." We always say fellow shippers are
the key, but when should fellow shipping start? BEFORE they even start
listening to missionaries. Their encountering the gospel should be
through their future fellowshipper. THAT is how this is supposed to

Dear mom, I'm getting a motorcycle when I come back... Just a fun
thought to scare you. Love you!

Breaking News: after years of making green smoothies for too many
people in a huge blender, and struggling to adjust the measurements to
make a one person smoothie, I HAVE DONE IT! And I've been doing
everyday for two weeks! I feel so accomplished. Now I don't have to
make myself so full to the point of throwing up! :)

Wednesday night, someone my companion taught went to receive their
endowment in the Jordan River Temple, and we got to go! So much fun. I
just keep adding temples to my "Been in there" list. It was awesome.
We did a session in Spanish, and I amazed myself yet again at the end
with my Spanish skills. Thanks dad, for putting Spanish in my life
when I was a young teenager! Haha

Sometimes I look up the definitions of ingredients on my iPad. I am
disappointed and informed. The. I still buy Takis and ice cream,
because we get transfer calls... Hahaha

Oh yeah, when I called to check my balance in my checking account
(because I'm out of mission money... Oops!) the woman on the phone
started trying to tell me I could get a loan for a car, and according
to my "credit worthiness" right now the interest rate would be 1.3%!!
What?! Dang, dad. Thanks for being so "credit worthy" for me while I'm
gone! Hahaha

So we have a investigator family who has a humongous garden, and we
went over one day and they needed to fill TEN boxes with tomatoes. We
cut a bunch of tomatoes, and it was awesome. I love gardens :)

Thursday we went to Tucano's Brazilian Grill for dinner and it was so
cool. Dad, you'll love it. They said when I come back to live and you
and mom visit me, we'll all go back. Just imagine... They bring
different types of meat TO you. It was in this adorable outdoor mall.
I loved it.

That same night, we were riding our bikes, and someone yelled "Hey
girl, yo momma let you date?" IT WAS HILARIOUS!

Kaleb, our assistant WML wants to change his name to Kaleb.

I love Jesus. My favorite names of Him are Healer, the Great
Physician, and the Prince of Peace. The painting of Jesus at the pool
of Bethesda, and another one of Christ healing a man's sight with mud,
are my two favorite paintings EVER. Just so you know. I really like

The Purge: stupidest thing of my life. The maker of that movie will
probably not get to go to the celestial kingdom because of it. Stupid
teenagers are bringing violence and stupidity to MY city for 12 hours,
and wouldn't you know it, I'm entering the war chapters in Alma. Alma
27:12 says "Don't be in Jacksonville on August 31st." Alma 28:5 is not
a comforting verse either. I think I'll be fasting that day. Maybe the
day before, too. God is greater than the influence of Satan, so I'm
going to combat his influence.

Mom, I can practically hear you say "These are signs of the times.
Things are going to get worse before they get better."

Trying to translate nursery rhymes and children's songs into Spanish
is the most challenging and funniest thing I've ever done.

We ate dinner with a man who studied Russian and linguistics and
worked in the Air Force. I just wanted to pick his brain apart! I will
learn Russian. He's so cool. I will study and learn Russian. I WILL DO

Jim Carey and Jack Black taught me everything I know about facial
expressions. Sometimes my companion laughs herself to tears and asks
me to do it again so she can record me talking. I never do it again
though. Hahaha

So my very favorite returning member IS BEING A MISSIONARY. Her
stepdad's nephew's daughters have been coming to church and really
love it. So yesterday they got assignments in primary, so we had a
first lesson with them AND THEIR MOM. And it was awesome. I was
talking to one of the girls about their assignment, which was to give
the scripture, and she was telling me how she told her friends she was
becoming Mormon. She's so cute!

So I'm going to pack, and repack, and then leave. Dang. And write
thank you cards (thanks for sending them in packages, mom!), and cry
with my favorite people. PEACE OUT!

I hope you're all having a grand old time with my beautiful family!
Tell every one of them that I love them!

And a huge congratulations to Ryan and Katie! Y'all are adorable.

I love you all, and hope you're doing lovely!

Hermana Willis

P.s. I had a dream I was going back to Eagle Mountain. YESSS!! Haha I
would be a-okay with that!

P.p.s. Happy birthday to Ben and Jess soon! I LOFF YOUUU!!

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