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Happy "get down the Halloween stuff" day! Happy "almost Fall" day!! Enjoy it for me :)

Now mira... I know the church is pushing us to use technology and be a people who USE our resources to share the gospel, pero I've lost so much information because of relying on technology... It's a trial of my faith. I was trying to add our area email to my iPad, and I somehow ended up deleting most of my notes on my iPad. DANG IT. Oh well, I still have a few. I have, however, converted to keeping sticky notes. I'M TURNING INTO MOM! :) But I'm checking things off and throwing them away. It feels god to check things off a list and move on. I rather like sticky notes :) Hahah

OH COURTNEY... When you said whatever about Jeff, I just thought "Is she assuming that just because I'm in Provo, Jeff is in my area?" So sometime last week while we were looking for a fellowshipper, I thought of that and thought "Hmm... I wonder if he IS in this stake!" So I checked, and YES. He sure is. They were in out of town, so they couldn't come to the lesson with us, but WE'RE HAVING DINNER WITH THEM TONIGHT. I'm so excited. I love this adorable little family.

REVELATION: If things go well, most of the investigators we're working with will be able to attend the TEMPLE DEDICATION!

In a lesson the other day I brought up prophets and said before I could even think about it I said "De hecho, en un mes va haber la conferencia general de la iglesia, y vamos a poder escuchar del profeta y los apostoles vivientes!" So we're going to make invitations and start handing them out. GET READY PEOPLE, we gonna hear from the PROPHET!

Addy has been praying by herself, and READING! I can't believe this is the same woman who showed NO interest whatsoever. I'm blown away.

Now, about Lenin. This kid had his baptism interview, and we were all just so super stoked. We showed him a video of the prophet and he said "El habla con mucho poder y autoridad. Habla muy claro. Se siente que hay una rompecabezas y el *psh* pone la ultima pieza." I ALMOST STARTED LAUGHING. When this kid talks about the gospel, I literally almost laugh. That's how happy I am. I smile so big, the next step is laughter, but that's not appropriate in a lesson. Hahaha HE JUST GETS IT. It all just clicks for him. Every time we teach him something, he's on top of it. This kid has been soooo prepared. I CANNOT wait for his baptism. You know why? Because HE CAN'T EITHER. He wants to get baptized so bad. He's like a little ray of light in my life. Such a blessing to know him and be able to witness him receive the gospel. That was probably the cheesiest sentence of my life, pero I'm serious. It's awesome.

Wednesday we went on exchanges, and I was in Springville. We went out to dinner with a family, and we went to the City Art Trolley. It looks like a rundown place, but it's BRILLIANT. It's amazing. Dad, I know you love hole-in-the-wall places. If you ever come to Utah, I'll take you. I had a shrimp po'boy and man... I missed the Island when I had that sandwich. It was good. I miss good seafood... Hahaha

Let me share something with you... Zone Conferences last from 9am-4pm. Friday we get out of our conference, and our ride home canceled on us, so we were scrambling to find a ride to our appointment AT 4. We did find a ride, and we got to the lesson a little bit late, but we had a good lesson. We did a commandments matching game with the 8 year old investigator we have. She's awesome.

Then we forgot we hadn't found a fellowshipper for our 6 o'clock appointment, and we can't teach Stephen alone because there are no women in the home. So we were planning on doing it outside or rescheduling. During dinner, we found out that the husband served in the DR and actually taught a lot of Hatians there. So we asked if we could bother them to accompany us to the lesson and they said yes! So we were sure it was an answer to our prayers, and that long stressful, tiring day would get better from here. Nope. Stephen wasn't able to have us.

So I was super stressed and overwhelmed. Zone Conference was amazing, and I had so much I learned and wanted to apply and I started getting discouraged. SO, I asked the ZL's for a blessing, but they called our DL, and neither of us have a car, so that didn't happen. I was feeling ROUGH. So we finished the day with no other lessons, and went home.

Saturday however... was an unbelievable day. Let me tell you about it.

We went to Spanish Fork for a baptism of Sister Braddy's. Then we had DTM, which was beautiful. We were in charge of a role play (which I normally hate) but it was on having good manners at a dinner appointment, so I was like "Oh heck, I got this." BUt then we found out the ZL's were going to be our dinner hosts... Uh-oh. Elder Palomares is one of our ZL's (he was in the MTC with me), and OF COURSE he would be the wife of the couple. Dang it. So the whole role play was hilarious, and I was doing ok until I started laughing uncontrollably, so much so I started crying. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. It was great. Hahaha

We saw one of my favorite less active men with a member of his bishopric, and it went well. He's the funniest old man.

THEN, we finally found someone to teach Stephen with us. A recently recently returned sister missionary. She was JUST what we'd needed. We'd had canceled appointments with Stephen THREE times this week, and it's because we needed HER to be there. He opened up and is really progressing now. Amazing.

Then we had Lenin's baptism interview where he talked about the prophet having the last puzzle piece.

When we were walking home, I really couldn't believe we had such a blessed day.

FUN FACT: China is warming up to us... Teaching online to people in China was still against the law, BUT if you are a CHinese citizen, YOU CAN! So we have a few Elders from China, and this means they can start teaching people online! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. I'm so excited!

I don't think there's much else to report on... LENIN IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! I'll send pictures. SO excited.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a lovely September 1st!

Hermana Willis

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