Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hio! :)

Howdy do, family? I love you guys a whole bunch, did ya know? Well I do. Whether or not you write me. BUT YOU DID THIS WEEK! And I was busting up laughing that Tanner is still petrified when he sees uncle Darren. Seriously, the rest of the missionaries thought I was crazy. Hah Just kidding, they hardly noticed I was laughing like an idiot. I often do, they're used to it ;)

So! After I emailed y'all last week, we went to see a cave. I was all super excited to see this cave, and then we got to the mountain. It was like the Y hike, but more rocks, at times much steeper, and it was BLAZING HOT. So I was sweating like a Willis (gross), and Hna Hernandez and I stopped to sit under a tree to rest, but then we eventually made it to the tippy top of the mountain. Or just under the tippy top. Hah The cave was... a deep hole in the ground... It wasn't even worth going inside. But I'm wrong! Some Elders did, and one found a machete. Say what? Yes. A machete. (kid History voice: I have a machete. Hahahaha) Then we were all POOPED so we went to get some SNOW CONES! And guess what... Missionaries eat free! So I got a "Spiderman," and my tongue turned purple. I also got a brain freeze and almost went into a sugar coma. Enserio. I had a master headache, wanted to die, was sick to my stomach, and... wanted to die. So maybe I'll get a small instead of a small-medium next time. Hah

THEN IT WAS TEMPLE TIME. Always the best days of the month, when we go to the Temple. Frill. I love it. We woke up way early, stopped by the Elders' place to borrow E. Stevenson's GPS, then we went! We did a session with her trainer and her companions, and a friend who was serving here before. It was wonderful. Then we went out to lunch... We had Chinese with a bunch of Elders and the sisters. That was loads of fun. ONE OF THEM TOLD ME I LOOKED JUST LIKE MANDY MOORE. I wanted to hug him, but I couldn't... But seriously. I've never seen him before, and I haven't seen him since then, but he said he's going to call me Sister Moore from now on. GOLD!

THEN! We came home, and met the Elders at the church. They wanted to cook lunch for us for Hna. Hernandez' birthday! :} These kids are the best of the best, I love them. So we had a well balanced meal, chicken and macaroni and cheese. Hahah So we had two lunches and almost exploded. Hahah

Then we went to Facebook. Now, when my companion and I left... I left my watch. When we arrived home, I realized I didn't have it, and RIGHT as I have this realization, Hna. Hernandez says "Sister Willis, Elder Stevenson says your watch is really loud..." So I groan/yell "Nooooo!" Because if he has it, I'm never getting it back. He'd admired my watch from day one. So, I'm yelling at him over the phone, and I (SO STUPIDLY) say "If you won't give me back my watch, then I get yours!" So... to this day... I am wearing a man's watch. Uhg. But I'll get it back eventually. Hahaha Sheesh, I could punch a kid. Not really. I'm not actually mad at all, I just miss my watch. Oh, and the next day? I was hoping to get it back at Facebook... He went on splits with the ZL's. OF COURSE.

I'm sorry all of my paragraphs are all beginning with "then"...

Did you know that we have chicken and rice almost every night? Hahaha It makes me laugh. It's tasty every time, but seriously... almost every time. Haha

Have I told you all how much I ADORE the members and leadership here? Seriously, I just want to have a humongous group hug and everybody in all of Eagle Mountain is required to attend. We went to one of our Stake missionary coordination meetings (yes, all of the ward mission leaders in a particular stake meet with the missionaries for weekly coordination. Cool, right?) But this time, it was ward mission leaders, bishopbrics, AND the Stake presidency. Uh yeah. It was an incredible meeting. He invited Hna. and I to come introduce ourselves and share our testimony. They were all like "Boy do we have work for you to do!" Which is great news, because that's what I want to doooo!! They're doing something amazing in the stake. The bishopbrics and stake presidency are going out and meeting with EVERYBODY. Not members, less actives, but they're going down neighbordhoods and literally talking with everybody. They're basically doing the tracting for us! The first Tuesday of the month, they do our tracting for us. And they shared experiences from this, and the outcome is AMAZING. I'm so excited!

Friday: Hna. Hernandez and I had DTM training (training the district), so we were told to do it on a specific chapter of PMG, or pray about it. We decided to do a general conference talk. I found a good one, but when we watched it, TWICE, we still didn't feel inspired. Well, my beautiful wonderful landlords had some of the sessions of conference on DVD, so we were able to look all over that session, and we landed on one from Jeffrey R. Holland. DUH. So we felt super inspired by this talk (no surprise), and we taught a bomb lesson/training, thanks to JRH. What a stud.

It was raining ALL DAY. Who was in heaven? I was. I may love the dry weather (lack of humidity) but I'VE MISSED THE RAIN! After DTM, we went to Village Pizza, the wonderful place with the best crust ever, where we're allowed to eat free once a week. So we go there, which is the bomb. I was sitting next to Elder Allal. Now listen here... He's from France. Did you know that EVERYTHING sounds funnier in a French accent? Because every time he opens his mouth, everybody starts laughing. Seriously, a hilarious kid.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER!

SO. Friday night dinner. We went to a Chilean family's house for dinner. DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE HAD?! WE HAD COMPLETOS!!!!!! I was laughing the whole time. They probably thought I was crazy. "BUT! if you buy 4 completos... is only 4 dollars. BUT! if you buy 5 completos... is only 5 dollars."

"BUT! if you buy THIRTEEN completos... is only 13 dollars."

So there's that... I can't stop thinking about funny Youtube videos... THEN! One of the kids came in... His name is Nico. He is the very vision of Kaleb when he was 8. Seriously seriously seriously, SUCH a funny kid. But just wait, there's more... His younger brother is named Ignacio. Do you know what they call him? THEY CALL HIM NACHO. I guess that's a common nickname for Ignacio, but still. I was laughing. The whole night. Not just at these things, but the family was hilarious too, and I want to be their best friends forever... LOVE THEM.

Saturday we did service. We were helping a nonmember family move (they have a ton of member friends though). So we were there with a million members and ward mission leaders. That was fun. Then we ate too much pizza with them. Then we went to pick flowers! Oh boy. Down the gravel road towards the mink farms, there are like a billion yellow flowers (like underdeveloped sunflowers), and she had this brilliant idea. Her novio will be a year in October (he reported the same day David did!), but by then the flowers will be way beyond dead, so she wanted to do this super adorable thing with the flowers... pictures will come.

Then! We went to one of the ward mission leaders' homes for dinner (we have 3 WMLs in our Spanish ward). That family is amazing, and I'm seriously head over heels in love with their house. Hah But listen... they have a son named Noah. His middle name is Joseph. His name is Noah Joseph. Now say that name in Spanish. Noé José. NO WAY JOSÉ. BAHAHAHAHAHA! I will NEVER get over that! They did that on purpose... :)

Now. Today is P-day. I cut Hna. Hernandez' hair after we cleaned the house. Did you know I brought my shears? Well I did. I trimmed my hair, and trimmer hers. So she was sitting on a stool in the backyard, and I was snipping away at her hair, like I do... Then I realize the backyard fence isn't that tall. The Johnson's son and daughter in law live behind their house, across the fence. They can see over it, and I can see over it. Their daughter in law went to cosmetology school. While that is wonderful and dandy... I was terrified that she was going to see me cutting her hair and start talking to me about it. "Oh, you cut hair too?" "Uh... no. I just... ok yes I do, but I didn't go to school. DON'T JUDGE MY WORK, PLEASE." That's what I was afraid of. But she just waved out the window, so I was safe :)

After shopping and stuff, we're going to make lunch for the district and eat it in our backyard. PICNIC TIME! Pres. Johnson even gave us a watermelon! We're bidding adieu to summer. September is almost here, and it'll be cooling down right quick! (P.s. Dad, I'm going to need to buy a coat and boots soon. And more sweaters. I'll keep you posted.)

I love love love love you all, and I hope you can understand the explosion of love that I'm meaning to send to you virtually. Seriously.

With explosions of love,

Hna. Willis

P.s. THANK you for sending my things. I'm so seriously excited to receive that package! Did you send me cookies? Because you should, next time you send me something. Just kidding, I'm probably getting humongous enough as it is. I am in a car, after all... (P.p.s. For Christmas, be sure to send whatever it is you'll send way early, because the mail gets SO backed up. Can you imagine? I would hate to work in a post office during that time of year...) And somebody tell Kenneth Boshell I'm excited to receive that box too! I haven't gotten anything in the mail but David's letter. BUT THAT'S OK. I love you all anyway. I know y'all are busy :) Love love love!

Now... time for pictures :)

T AMO! This is what my compa was doing for her novio. Que cute :)

Hna. Hernandez and myself... with our comparable Gatorades :)

Taking selfies on Elder Stevenson's camera. His camera is legit. Too legit to quit!

On our way up the mountain to find the cave! (E. Stevenson, Hna. Hernandez, and obviously me... Don't mind my rooster hair...)

Posing, on our way down the mountain. (Me, E. Stevenson, and Hna. Hernandez)

Same people, on our way down the mountain.

Snow cones!

This was from Birthday lunch. Elder Hernandez feeding Elder Ramos, like he's an animal. Bahahaha I love these kids!

Birthday lunch with the district :)

I'm sending this doodle to Sara. I know she'll love it!

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