Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So, I wanted to write two emails, one that is for you to forward to the world, and one that was just for family (because I don't want the world knowing how my digestive system is handling the MTC food) (but don't worry. This email is safe for all eyes), but I don't have time to... Anyhow, I'm doing well. I hate the showers and always sitting on my butt, but I will survive. I see the streshna and sestra (Elders and Sisters going to Russia/Ukraine/Bulgaria), and I've even seen some Sorelle and Anziani! Also, some Irmas, and Seours... I'm DYING of happiness being surrounded with all of the languages, but I'm trying to focus on Spanish.

Serious note: Dad, in the blessing you gave me, you said "the language will come rapidly to you." That part stood out to me, and when I got here, I expected to ROCK teaching in Spanish. Well, I BOMBED the first couple of days and didn't really say anything. Then, Friday I think, we were practiving teaching a concept to our companions, and I seriously couldn't do it. I just looked right in the face of my companion and straight up said "I don't know. I really don't know how to do this. I can't." Then I proceeded to break down and weep in the middle of class. I seriously felt like a pile of poopy. A pile of poopy that was the worst Spanish speaker a pile of poopy could be! So I spent the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself and refusing to speak the language (or speak anything, really. Otherwise I would start crying again!) I SINCERIOUSLY was about to ask if I could be moved into intermediate Spanish, because I seriously felt that bad about it. Then it was time to write our letters to our Branch President. So I basically spewed all my weepy baby concerns on him (poor President Evans. Love him to death.) He came up to me later after he'd read it, and had an interview with me in Spanish (I could only respond in Spanish). He told me to seriously not be concerned. Do not worry about it. He told me I have so much more Spanish in me than ANY of the missionaries coming to learn the language will have by the time they finish advanced Spanish. Rewind. I was llorando like a pee baby, and I realized I was seriously being an idiot. Did I sinceriously expect to waltz into the MTC and convert all of our "investigators" (actors) in the first week? Yeah, I'm that dumb, because I really did. I had to break down and be humbled by my inability to speak, and rely on the Lord to speak through me. Super weird, by the way. My Spanish is improving tenfold, even if I haven't been able to fit language study into my studies (I study in Spanish anyway, but I want to set aside time to study SPANISH, not just IN Spanish.) So I just wanted to share that. I'm a baby.

Mom: Mother Gothel knew what she was talking about when she sang "Mother knows best." You're always right. Out of about 60 missionaries in my branch, I am seriously THE ONLY ONE WHO PLAYS THE PIANO. Luke... LISTEN TO HER. Practice, practice, practice!

Courtney: I saw an Elder who had a shirt that said "Disney team." I took a picture, but left my camera in my room, so no pictures for y'all until next week! (Maybe. I leave on my P-day (August 6th-Tuesday), so I don't know if we'll have email time. It may be two weeks before y'all hear from me again, or see pictures. Sorry :) Also, I overheard a few Elders having a debate on who was prettier, Bell or Repunzel. Bell won, by the way. Brunettes UNITE! Also, who got their mission calls? Who's getting married? Who died? KEEP ME UPDATED, GIRL. (I don't have time to respond your email. I've only got 30 minutes, and I spend 10 trying to figure out how to log into my email :( )

Luke: Enserio. STUDY. Get used to the schedule AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, and stop eating good food. Your digestive system will need to be used to eating CRAP for a couple weeks until you enter the real world (wherever it may be.) Also, you're going to be SO pooped. I have a bazillion other tips I'll send to you when I remember to bring my book with me to the computer lab.

ALSO... EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE! Find a talk by Elder Bednar called "Character of Christ." Your whole mind will be blown to pieces.

I'm out of time! Sorry I say "poop" so much. I say it more in real life, so I might want to cut that out of my mission vocab.

Love you guys A BAZILLION. Seriously, so so so much.
Hermana Willis

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  1. A link to the talk referenced above: http://www2.byui.edu/Presentations/transcripts/religionsymposium/2003_01_25_bednar.htm