Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anything I forgot yesterday?

I'm pretty all of the bases were covered yesterday, soooo...

That's all! Bye! :)


Something I didn't tell y'all yesterday was that my brain was EXPLODING with revelation... Or something like that. When my companion's sister was asked what she's learned the most on the mission, she said the importance of sacrifice.

Yo, slapped me right on the tush. With a paint paddle.

I realized I HAVEN'T REALLY SACRIFICED ANYTHING. Well, I've sacrificed time and effort, but although my heart and mind are in the work, I really could be more focused. A lot. Don't get me wrong, I ain't no heathen missionary. I'm obedient, but I know I have a lot of improving to do. Shoot.

So I was talking to my companion about what her sister said, she said she'd been thinking about it too! So we decided a few things that we have to do better, and we woke up this morning READY to do things better. I didn't realize how much the little things can effect the outcome of everything else. This week we were both distracted lazy (mostly because she was sick) and by the end of the week, we both were overwhelmed with guilt.


My call home HELPED!

You hear about the missionaries who get trunky after talking to their families, but let me tell you, Y'ALL ARE THE BEST. After talking to you, my sweet darling family, it gave me more motivation to do better. And Courtney, you'd better believe that I started writing in my journal LAST NIGHT again. It's been almost a month. SHOOT. I know I'll regret it if I don't, so I'm getting back into that habit.

Also, after dressing up for the first time in A WEEK, I realized I'd let myself go a bit... I stopped caring about how I looked, because I'm not out to attract people. But what I AM out to do is represent Jesus Christ, and I don't think Jesus Christ should be represented by my face without makeup. Think about it. My face. Uh-uh. *shakes head "no* Just a thought...

Anyway, I'm SO glad I got to see Ben's family, AND grandmother and granddaddy. I LOVE Y'ALL A BUNCH. And ENSERIO, you all motivate me to be better (although I'm really not heathen status.)

This email is short and refreshing... You're welcome! ONLY ONE MORE CALL HOME TO GO?! Holy snot... See you on Christmas!


Hermana Willis

HI! I'm in Delaware! (Just kidding, I was in SLC. But SHOOT, it felt good to be in a big city!)

This is proof that I'm turning into my dad. I went through all of our supplies and made a box of things to send back to the mission office. They get funds to the mission when they send excess materials back to SLC. You KNOW we've only got a box half this size in out apartment, and everything is organized... GoodNESS, it felt to good to get all of that out.

This is my succulent plant. The one that I stole, and repented later of. It's in a half of a water bottle, because I don't have money or time to go buy a real pot for it. OH WELL, I'm a missionary, not a horticulturist.

This is my avocado. We'll see how he does :)

THIS is our Mother's Day dinner! Our dinner had to cancel last minute, but they brought us food. Aaaand we almost ate this whole thing. Dang, that was good.

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